Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Journey To Remember - Episode 17

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Things were going fine at Office. Every single day was a challenge. I had to work smarter and harder to get things done. Though my schedule was too busy, there was Sid and Aditi for the relief.

One fine day, my Manager came to my cubicle and said, " Hi Rahul, I have nominated you as the Module Lead for our next project. You need to join our Onsite counterparts within few days."

I told him that I'm not willing to shift from Mumbai. Yes !! I didn't want to lessen my chances by moving abroad. I wanted Shreya at any cost. It may sound too silly for most of you, but I said "NO".

Manager: " Rahul, Its a great oppurtunity. USA is a land of opportunities. Your career will take a leap over there"

Rahul: "Thank you, so much for the opportunity. But I have my own priorities."

Manager: " I am not sure about your priorities, but you are a man of ultimate conviction. I know, you would have made the best decisions. Before I look for an alternative, I'll wait for your final decision till next monday."

I always make the best decisions. But it won't get executed in the same manner, because there is someone else who is a part of my decision.

All the colleagues got to know about this news. Few already started lobbying for this opportunity.

Aditi took me to the office cafeteria, one evening.

" Why did you say "NO" to that US offer? You are rejecting the onsite oppurtunity for the second time in a row. Are you crazy? "

"No, Aditi. I am fine. I don't want to go abroad. I like where I am and what I am doing."

"Don't tell me that shit again. You are waiting for that girl. You are hurting yourself and doing no good to anyone"

"I know, what I am doing. Everytime I ask myself, "Is it really worth it?" my heart has never said "NO" in these years. Going to US, professional achievements and exploring life isn't going to make me happy. That girl is what i want. Most of us don't know what makes us happy, but I'm damn sure. The only thing I wish is "Shreya", nothing else"

" That girl is stupid and you are crazy. I'm leaving. Catch you tomorrow."

Aditi was pissed off by what I said.She didn't speak to me for the next few days. She was disappointed by my actions. I liked Aditi for caring me and being always there. Aditi was a friend that everyone wishes for !

I was on an online meeting when I got a call from Shreya, " Hi Rahul, how are you?"

"I am fine. How are you?"

"I'm OK. I called you to say something...I mean, I don't know how to....(After a long pause) Well, my marriage is on 17th of this month. I am not even forcing you to come to my marriage, but I want you to forget me and lead a peaceful life ahead. I don't deserve you, by any means.You should always be happy."

"Hmmm..." I couldn't speak anything. I was cursing God and myself for what was happening. I was dumbstruck!

"Well, I knew you would be waiting for me. Accept the reality and live your life. Stop being too good for those who aren't worth it.Wish you all the goodness in this world. Bye! "

I had no reason to live anymore. My only wish was thrashed by the almighty. Just a phone call turned my life upside down. All my love, care and concern from past so many years had no meaning. My dreams went on a long walk to an unknown place, crying!

I went outside the office, ran harder and harder, for a long distance till I had lost all energy. My tears had dried. My wishes didn't work. My goodness didn't yield me anything. I was lost.

Next day, I went to my manager's room and expressed my acceptance to the onsite offer.

"You are leaving on 17th. For more information contact Admin Team. All the best, Rahul", My Manager said.

Life has few cruel coincidences and this one was ultimate. Shreya's marriage and my departure was on the same date. I made my mind, chose to dive into an unknown world. I knew, it wasn't the best thing but this option looked good.

Should I go to Shreya and convince her for the one last time? Should I choose Aditi over Shreya and live peacefully? Should I go away, far away from this world and forget everything for a while? 
Well, few questions have no answers!!

I dropped an sms to Aditi:
"I know you are angry on me. I'll be expecting you at the airport. I want to speak to you before I leave."

Aditi replied, 
"Will b at airport at sharp 6 o clock. Happy packing. GN."

To my suprise, I got a text from Shreya which read,
 "Happy journey. All the best. Thanks for everything. Good Bye!!"

With my laptop, old movie tickets, boring novels, unpacked clothes, "Ye Dooriyan" song on loop, untidy sneakers, air tickets...there I was sitting and watching the wallclock which showed 1:25AM.

Hard choices are hard because there is no best option.

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  1. Waiting for next episode:-) well great twist Harish..

  2. GP, dont know what to say except this, why not combine all the episodes and you know make something out of it?? just a suggestion :) :) ...

    1. Thanks KP...even I am thinking about it in the same lines..

  3. It seems that Aditi had done somethin fishy ;) Anyways wil c in the forthcomin episodes......