Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Journey To Remember - Episode 16

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As Sid wanted to switch his job, he joined our company through my reference. It was not a great time for Sid. He had to go through that phase of change. Though he had come in terms with Shreya, his new job and different lifestyle at Mumbai kept him sad.

Aditi gave me a new lease of life. Ameliorating work conditions made me feel better. Sid got along well with both of us. Life was becoming better. One fine day, Shreya replied to one of my mails.
"Hi Rahul,I am so sorry that I didn't reply to any of your mails. I somehow lost my cellphone and I don't have any contact numbers, even today. Just call me whenever you are free. My number is +91-9XXXXXXXX."

I took no time to call her, after seeing the mail.

"Hi. Rahul here", I felt happy as well as uncomfortable.

"Hey. How are you?", Shreya replied.
Her voice had the same magic and I felt terribly awesome.

"I'm fine. How are you?", I asked her.

"Not bad. I'm really sorry that I didn't tell you anything. I vanished from Goa without anyone's notice. It was good for me and you too", She said.

We got in touch again. It took some time to get back to normalcy, but we managed it fine. Once-in-a-week call and many text messages were exchanged. 

Aditi : "OMG!! So when did you guys meet up, lately?"

Me: "A few months ago. 8 months to be specific."

Aditi : "What are you guys up to?"

Me: "After repeated requests she met me on a sunday, I still remember. Actually, her father got transferred to Mumbai and the whole family stays here. We roamed that Ecstasy heights Mall for sometime. She told me a lot about how things changed in an year or so".

Aditi : " Oh !! 8 months is too long. So what's the present status?"

Me: "I don't know !! She told me not to expect anything from her. Shreya is still depressed about choosing Sid over me. She disagrees on both of us getting together. Actually, the chances are too low."

Aditi: "Seriously? Shreya still wants to commit the same mistake?"

Me: " Not sure. Aditi, one thing is for sure...Shreya got into a relationship accidentally. She had no conviction in her relationship. When she realised that they weren't meant to be together, she couldn't avoid him or abandon the relationship. It took both of them, a very long time to break up. I feel sorry for Shreya. But she isn't ready to get along with me again after rejecting me. She has her own perspectives. Probably, we wont be together....It always happens with me. I'm so so unlucky. Ufff!! "

My eyes were wet.

Aditi held my hands and comforted me.

Aditi: "Don't tell me that you are still waiting for Shreya."

Me: "Yup. I am waiting for her. She'll be back very soon."

Aditi: " You are crazy and she is stupid."

Me: "We both know that !"

Aditi: " Funny!!..You are not doing the right thing."

Me: "I know that. You know what, I am in at most conviction that she is the Lady of my life. I have made her realise my intentions. Aditi, I have been waiting for Shreya from few years. I'll keep doing the same thing. Though I won't trouble her by enforcing my wishes. I know my limits and I won't pester her. Probably, I'll wait for few more months and then she might get married to someone else. After few days, I might be convinced that I can live happily without her. But my point is, I don't want that to happen. I desperately want to be with Shreya."

I could see tears in Aditi's eyes.

Aditi: " I wish, I was Shreya !" 

The conductor shouted, " Nariman cross. Nariman Cross"

Me: " Hey, we need to get down"

We had to finally end the past stories and the debacles of present and unboard the bus.

All of a sudden the person sitting in the adjacent seat stopped me,
"Sorry, i was eavesdropping you the whole night. I guarantee you that you'll surely get Shreya. God isn't that cruel to burn down your life . Shreya is doing the wrong thing by rejecting you. She'll spoil her life and her to-be-husband's life. Hope you can spread the happiness to others, if Shreya won't reach out for you. All the best, bro"

It made sense. It instilled faith and my heartbeats said, "Everything will be fine". I told myself, " I know that everything will be fine, but I want it to be Awesome

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