Friday, July 18, 2014

Nonsense !!

This article goes out for all the insane people over there, to all the introverts who are shy to accept their absurdity, to all the "I'm-Mature" people who hide the anomalies in them and to all those who appreciate, celebrate and respect Nonsense.

Disclaimer: Read this blogpost at your own risk.


College life is a golden life. I truly agree ! It was my 3rd semester in B.E. and I was on a 2-day trip with my friends. We were traveling in a mini-bus towards Hogenakkal Falls from Kollegaal. There were too many talks,screams,songs and all that is considered to be happy, energetic and youthful. 

I was busy talking to my friend. It was a very long conversation when she said, "Nonsense is the only thing that has LIFE".

"Really?", I was awed.
"Ya. Nonsense keeps us alive",she replied and giggled.
"Hmmmm!!", I liked the thought.

For me, Nonsense has always made sense. Though it's kind of a paradox,i still believe that Nonsense makes too much of sense. The sense in Nonsense is more than the sense in Sensible. Nonsense is a forte of limited number of people.Not everyone can deal with nonsense. It needs enormous amount of talent, uniqueness, patience and a lot of craziness. Few may consider it as insignificant, but I regard it as the oxygen of our lives.

The charm in non-sense is it's lust for imagination, it's liking for the incorrectness and being totally absurd. To talk abnormally, to imagine beyond all the realities and sensing the craziness is an amazing feeling. Nonsense doesn't need facts, it doesn't require statistics, cheesy lines, logic and whatever that is considered to be conventional. Nonsense just requires 'The-Weird'-You, 'The-Child'-You, 'The-Crazy'-You , 'The-Innocent'-You and most importantly, "The-Real-You".

Nonsense is not an unconscious ignorance. It is a conscious behavior. May be, that is the reason why Nonsense is an eternal bliss. To discuss with a dear friend of your's (I have got few) about wage theories on life, to shed light on relationships, profession and everything that is too high is the beauty of Nonsense. To know the reality and the correctness of the context, but to continue being wrong, crazy, fun and soulful at the same instant is an unmatchable ability of Nonsense. 

Long back, I had a weird conversation with my friend (I call it Nonsense)
"Nonsense is holy! "
"That's what I meant. Bullshit is holy. So is Nonsense"
"Dude, that was a rotten joke"
"God is holy, because he is surreal (I call it unreal) and gives a way to escape from the reality. Same way, Nonsense is surreal (I agree) and gives you ultimate happiness. By prayers and believing in Almighty we hope for all the goodness. Similarly, Nonsense is a saga that's bound to create a joy. We aren't hoping for happiness through Nonsense but we are getting it at the same instant, unlike our prayers to God
"I feel like puking, listening to your conversation"
" There you go, Nonsense is giving you a salvation by helping you to throw away bad things from your body. You are loving this Nonsense. Aren't you?"

Nonsense is not always being wrong, crazy and being abnormal. Nonsense can be challenging the accepted truths, to laugh at the hard realities of life, accepting the weird part of the story, emphasizing the false in Truth or finding the truth in False. It is all about breaking all the boundaries and ignoring the norms. You don't agree? Well, that is not my problem. May be, Nonsense isn't your cup of tea.

Nonsense is an escape vehicle to get rid of sad things, heartbreaks, failures, dissatisfaction and all the earthly existence. You get into this vehicle and take a joy ride. Make sure you have got few like-minded (I mean, Nonsense) passengers with you, it's gonna be much more fun. No need to worry about the fuel or the destination (I mean, Sense). It's a trip that'll be short but enjoyable.

No matter what, you aren't going to stay alive forever. It's time to stimulate your brain cells with some Nonsense. Let the child in you do all the crazy stuffs he wants to do. Think beyond the conventions. Let go! Ignore all the inhibitions and enjoy the ride.

Long Live Nonsense!!

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  1. How can 'Nonsense!!' not have any nonsense comments :P

    1. Here is a no-nonsense thanks. Thanks, Ashwini !