Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lessons Learnt in MCE,Hassan

Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean,
Tears from the depth of some divine despair,
Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes,
In looking on the happy Autumn-fields,
And thinking of the days that are no more. {Alfred Lord Tennyson}
I have finally completed my 4 years of engineering at MCE, Hassan. Here is a list of few of many things learnt in MCE & Hassan. You can call it funny, satirical, ’overacting’,unnecessary…. but it is my way of looking at things.

You will be nearer to heaven through football than through the study of Gita. {Football at 4.30 with chandu, Kishan, KP, KC, Jagga, Deepak, SK}

*Taking advantage of junior lecturers is not a crime. It’s just a way of helping them to become the best of all teachers. {3rd Semester}

*Any movie can be fun watching with friends. The language, genre, theater and place doesn't matter.{Movies at my room, Chandu’s room & various theaters in Hassan }

*The most important book and the one which is read maximum number of times in any semester is the ‘Syllabus copy’.

*The so called ‘Bike Trips’ are nothing but virtual photo shoots. {Munjrabad, Sakleshpur,Ramdevrakatte trips}

*Playing games in bare foot can be seriously dangerous,especially football. {Incident at MCF grounds which led to 7stitches…Thanks for all the care taken-Chandu, KP}

*In an Autonomous system, the difficulty of a subject depends on the teacher who handles it.

*The most enjoyable part of any trip is its travel. {Madikere and Kerala trips}

*Laptops and Desktop computers are strictly meant to play games, watch movies and listen to songs.

*Hassan is not a city…it’s just a big village. {Courtesy: KC}

*Nothing is permanent. {Love for the gadgets, celebrity, song, movie….Transition from orkut to Facebook and…}

*Women are unfit to rule because leadership doesn’t always rely only on Honesty. {Elaboration is unnecessary. And sorry for the generalisation}

*You feel the warmth of your juniors and seniors for 2 days in a year.{Fresher’s party and farewell}

*Even kannada language can be offensive, vulgar and cheap. {Slangs used in Hassan. Beep…beep…beep}

*We are all sore losers- cannot handle few losses.{BR elections}

*For every summit you scale another one is waiting.{ A never ending series of internals, quizzes, assignments, externals..}

*No one is in charge of you happiness, except you and your batch mates.{Mass bunks, proxies, trips can be seriously fun. Arranging them is all left to you}

*When you don’t know anything about a tree, tie a cow and explain about the cow. But make sure that you write correctly about the cow. {Attempting unknown questions}

*The ultimate ingredient of a student’s life is his/her ‘Attendance’.{Marks and Zerox shops are also important}

*Theory of relativity. Time flies faster than light when you are with your friends. {Parking lot, my room, Chandu’s room, ground, evening walks….}

*Never leave any stone unturned.{ Grace marks can be awarded at any point of time for the out-of-syllabus questions. SEE-DSP,DSPA  CIE-Maths}

*Speed thrills, but kills.{Sept. 1st at M.G.Road with KP}

*Anybody can be an engineering lecturer. The only requirement is a degree/s. {Names not required}

*At times the most useless, hopeless things can come handy. {Smart cards-Reduction of entry fee at Wonderla}

*You will never enjoy a party (to its core) if you are hosting it. But the satisfaction of organizing is something else. {Fresher’s & Farewell parties}

*The only thing learnt in engineering is what you do in labs. {But the scariest exams are lab exams.  @ Deepak,Chethu}

*Parties can be organized with any budget. But the real enjoyment depends on the people involved in it. {Street side chats, Gokul, Pavithra, Arun, Sahana ,Suvarna Gate, Southern star,Meridian,RIP,Cake cafe…}

*Other’s Parents are always nicer than ours and our Grandparents are always nicer than other’s.{Too many instances to quote}

*No matter how much we criticize clubs we all envy the club members at some point. {Club events, Jamboree, Impulse, Break time..}

*Believe in miracles. {Examination Results, my selection at Onmobile Global Ltd.}

*Engineering is the easiest degree to acquire. A few hours of preparation before an exam can make you clear it in a clean fashion. {In comparison to medical students}

*You can actually use ‘AN’ & ‘ITSELF’ any number of times. {Names not needed}

*The city is not defined by the busy roads, number of malls, Cafeterias, Restaurants etc {Hassan is uniquely special }

*Solitude creates heaven and sometimes hell also. {My lonely stay as a PG}

*You will pass by atleast 1 MCEian in a theatre, restaurant or a busy street in Hassan. {If you don’t agree with me, probably you are not in Hassan}

*Grades doesn’t define a person, Attitude does.

*No matter how early you start, you can’t avoid minute mistakes and last minute preparations. {Prashanth, Jayesh, Tep- Final year Project}

*Even holidays can be boring. {2.5 months vacation after even semesters}

*You can actually love gadgets, computer games, literature,celebrities, movies, songs, automobiles more than your life. {Few things are missing in the list}

*No matter what all disparities we have regarding EC1 & EC2, Hostelites & Localites we are all ECians at the end of the day.

*Life without friends is Nothing. { Jayesh, Anup,Chandu,Kishan,KP,KC,Jagga,Tep,Praphul,Pradeeps,Bhuti,Mayur,Nonda,Akram,Gwata,Boyy,SK,Prashu,Kushal,Patil,Manu,Prathap,MJ,Chethu,Pampu,Faruk,Jeer,Raza,Chandru,Rajpal, and few more as well}

*The Only Paradise is ‘Paradise Lost’. {It’s almost the end of 4 years and I have started loving the city, MCE, Friends and the college life…}

PS: Dedicated to all my batch mates. Thanks everyone for such a wonderful journey.

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Monday, May 7, 2012


All the characters ,incidents & places mentioned in this blog are not fictitious .Resemblance to any person,place or incident is purely intentional.This blog is owned by me and all the ideas expressed here are a pure exhibition of my thoughts. Whatever is written here is just what I feel.

 I really don’t have any reason to write a blog( who wants one!!).But I’ve ended up with my own articles.It’s been more than a year I’ve been blogging.But I have never published my blogposts for not-so-obvious reasons.Still few of my friends have managed to read my blog.I’ve crossed all the hurdles now.And here I am making my blog ‘public’.Seriously I’m not a good writer or may be nowhere nearer(but who cares!!).I’m not responsible if I bore you to death or disappoint you.But if you feel good after reading this stuff , then I am happy to take the full credit.If any of my articles match with anything you've read before it's just a coincidence. But if you aren't ready to accept the fact then you can consider it as an inspiration.

Here is a big thanks to my loneliness which made me realize my yet-another-passion…..LITERATURE. And I’ve started believing in what my cousin says,"Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing.... Words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless....!"

I guess this is enough to start with. Please let me know how you feel about my writing, ideas and all the nonsense.It would be a great privelege and honour.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee..

I was sitting on a comfortable couch in a café. I had been with my friends on a special occasion.Everyone else was busy greeting each other and discussing utter nonsense. Suddenly I looked at a girl who was with her friends. She was pretty. She was sipping a cup of coffee. After few minutes,I looked at her again.I couldn't resist myself from looking at her on regular intervals. This happened for many times. Next time I gazed that way, she was looking at me. I thought it was a casual look. Later I found out that actually she was staring at me. Trust me, she was beautiful. Looking at each other for more than a minute, she stood up and started walking to me. I was shocked. What would happen?? Have I done something wrong?? I looked at my friends so that they can come to my rescue, but they were all busy in their own world. I was totally stunned when she sat next to me on the couch. Not very often you get a chance to sit with a beautiful girl on the same couch. I was wondering what if I had not come with my friends I would have lost something.
And what happened next….

Before that just a take a look at what happened a few hours ago...

We had our final exams from 9.30am to 12.30pm. We all wrote the exam cursing the subject, lecturer and the whole college. As per the pre-exam plans we all watched Don 2 in the theatre after the completion of the exam. After that, it was time to prepare ourselves to welcome 2012. We all tried to plan the next events ,but couldn’t. Later we all gathered in the college campus at 10.30pm. There were too many ideas, utter bullshits that we couldn’t agree on a single thing.

“We will go to Taj hotel at chikmagalur”…”We will go to a restaurant in the city”…”We will celebrate here only’…”CCD’’…."We will celebrate it tomorrow morning"..
Too many ideas spoil the night. It was already 11.00pm.

At last, one of my friend screamed,”Ok guys…it’s all done. We will go to CCD. We can reach by 12 only if we leave now. Interested ones can come. Others do as you wish.”
There were too many comments . I said, "I’m going home. You guys carry on". But when you are with your friends nothing goes as you wish. Finally after too many arguments we all started our saga to the café at the outskirts of the city. Well, for the kind information of people who aren't aware of Hassan, let me tell you that we don't have a cafe in the city.The café was 30 kms from Hassan and it was already 11.20pm. 8 bikes,14 friends,freaking cold outside and just 40 minutes to start a brand new year. It was one night which I will always remember for many reasons. I was going to a café for the first time in my life. It sounds strange. I had dreamt of my first visit to a café with someone special (I hope you got me) . I had even rejected the invites from several others earlier. But going with friends wasn’t a bad choice. The street lights , speedily moving vehicles, isolated villages, chilling breeze made it all special for me and worse for my friend who was driving.

We were in front of the destination finally, parked the vehicle in front of the café. I headed towards the entrance and as soon as I pushed the door of the café the lights went off. Woww!! What a disgusting first-time experience I thought. It was 12.00am and it was 2012. I entered inside. Before I was able to cherish the inside view everybody was wishing others. We all cut the same cake , ate and made merry. Others in the café also shared sweets and wishes. Received few calls,messages and I made some calls to wish others. My friends left me all alone in a couch and it was a blessing in disguise.

Getting back to the incident…

‘Hi… I am Sakshi’ she introduced herself taking a sip of coffee. ‘I am doing my degree in fashion design at Bangalore. Its holidays now.’ She sat a bit closer to me.

Omg!!! She was stunning to look at. She was wearing a blue and white salwar kameez and a pair of black earrings. She was holding a stylish cellphone which I couldn’t identify. That’s all I could notice other than her killing looks. I was stumped.

I took a deep breath and replied, ‘Well I am Harish…I am doing my engineering here at MCE,Hassan.”

She signaled to her friends and started talking with me. We talked about each and everything in this world - our studies, colleges, hobbies, movies, novels, Facebook, Hassan and what not. I was all praises for God for creating such a lovely girl and more importantly giving me a chance to spend time with her. We talked for more than 15 minutes. Time was racing against us.

We both had a great time. I am not sure about her, but I had an awesome time.

“Hey, can I have your phone number…just in case….” she asked politely.
I have never denied giving my phone number to anyone who has asked.

"Yup, for sure.. it’s 7795914650.."She took her cell and saved my number and signaled to her friends.

"Won’t you give your’s", I asked as I took my cell out from my pocket.

”I’ll be back in few minutes”, she said and moved towards her friends.

She joined her buddies and there was a celebration, laughter and some noise.

She came back and said, “Sorry!! My friend had challenged me to get your phone number within 30 minutes. So I did all this. Never mind.”

‘’You shouldn’t have taken such risks at all. I would have given it to you anytime. You are worth it”, I said to myself.

“By the way, my name is not sakshi”,she said and left the place quickly before I could ask her something(may be few things)

They all disappeared from the café within no time.

My friends joined me and we returned back to our places by 2.30am. What a start!!! Welcome 2012!!

P.S: Dearest friends of mine never believe in this story and they don't forget to appreciate me for my imagination skills.