Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oh My God….It’s Raining..!!

It was almost 4’ o clock in the evening when I woke up after a pretty long journey through my dreams. When I reached out for my cellphone, I could see 2 new messages both of which read, “Football at 4.30”. I washed my face and put on my sportswear to play football with my friends. Like any other day, I was expecting an exciting game of football and started walking towards the college.

A lonely walk to the college was interrupted by few drops from the skies. Much before i could take a look at the clouds it started pouring heavily. I ran hard seeking a shelter to protect myself from rains and safely landed inside the bus stop in front of my college. Later few of my friends joined me as well. Almost everyone was wet. We had pani-puri and were all standing in front of a bakery (Vaibhavi) sipping hot coffee. Mesmerizing rains, wetness, dark lights, deserted roads, fresh air, and the whole surrounding made it a perfect evening. Sorry, I forgot to add the major ingredient- the memories. Here is my share of memories with rains.

My heart leaps up when it rains. Rain is ‘a thing of beauty’ which is joy forever. I get carried away with the water drops falling from the sky.Though I cannot recollect my first encounter with rains, I still remember the days when I made paper boats for my sister to float them in rain water flowing. Carrying an umbrella made me feel so happy during those days.  I had a notion that few people threw water from sky and that resulted in rains. I guess, most of us had the same thought when we were young.  First rains of the season and the smell that follows is the one of the best feeling in this world. It reminds me of the snacks which my mom made on a rainy day. Being fully covered by sweater and a blanket, watching TV inside my cozy home was way-too-awesome to relish the food.For the first time when I saw a rainbow, I was awestruck. I am a huge admirer of rainbows. After that, I used to search for the rainbow every time it rained until I got to know the science involved in it (Total Internal Reflection!! 9th Grade Physics)

I am from Kadur, which is a kind of dry zone in our district. Rainfalls are seldom experienced, but when it pours it’s violent. When I was in 6th Grade, I shifted to a residential school which is located in a mini cherrapunji. It used to rain more than 4 months in a year. The skies were all filled with dense thick black clouds during the rainy season and the rains were almost non-stop 24*7. For the first few days, it was dismal. But i got accustomed with the weather over there. Being away from my family, rain became a dear friend of mine. I can still recollect those heavy rains with lightning and loud thunder which scared the shit out of me. But it’s a great joy in playing football in heavy rains. Standing in front of the clinic to get medicines for not-instantly-curable cold and cough, getting a break from morning jogging (*jogging was compulsory in our residential school) are all part of these rainy days. For me the chilly breeze, soothing sounds and pleasant weather created by rains is the perfect thing for a long heavenly sleep. It is this place which thought me everything about umbrella: How to hold an umbrella? How 4 people can share a single umbrella and most importantly, how-not-to-get-wet without an umbrella?

Rains, a mug of hot coffee, tasty and crispy chats, friends and few good songs can create heaven. To go on a long drive, train journey, roaming the streets, watching a romantic movie can be few other options. Rain can make any place romantic. That's the reason why many books,movies and songs have rains in them. When I finished my education in my residential school and joined Hassan for my degree, I considered eating food in street side chat stalls was unhygienic and not-so-awesome. Big thanks to R C Road street-side chat stalls and sudden rains for the breakthrough and making me realize how false that notion was. May be it’s true that food is not-so-clean but, trust me, it’s damn tasty. It was Sahana chats,  Kachauri stall near Sahyadri Theatre, Arun Chats and stalls in front of my college which made rainy days much more romantic and enjoyable. Travelling on a rainy day is delightful though showers remind me of the patch roads which created havoc when I was travelling. But travelling in a train and that too getting a view sitting next to a window when it's raining is a visual treat. As soon as I plug my earphones and the songs started playing it was a paradise-Unreal, ecstatic and what not. Nature gets refreshed by rains and gets a brand new make-up. It looks young, fresh and beautiful as never before.

Its monsoon and rain gods are giving visits once-in-a-while. Let us ignore traffic jams(if you are staying in big cities), water logging, electricity problems etc. and enjoy the rains. Let the timely and adequate rains benefit our farmers. Let it bring happiness and goodness.

PS1: It’s time to listen to some melodies with a mug of coffee and hot chats.

PS2: Enjoy the rains, feel the goodness and don’t just get wet.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

It’s NOW or NEVER !!


We are a lazy bunch of guys. We are unusual. We are smart(Heights of Optimism!!). We go crazy, at times. We all have a very simple rule, “Live, don't just Exist !!”.

After completing our degree at MCE(Malnad College of Engineering),Hassan , we all took different ways. Few of us started working, few of us started reading(surprisingly for GATE,GRE etc),few of us started introspecting(Thank God!!),few of us are trying to do something and few of us are still waiting for our visas. We all planned to meet at some place after a long time,more than a year. Guess what?? Hassan was the venue and the reason was to collect our useless,nothing-to-do-with B.E. Degree certificate(Come on,we all need some reason).

PART 1: 1st June 2013

It was 12.30 PM in the afternoon and I was standing in front of MCE, Hassan. The basketball court, football stadium and the black tarred road were welcoming me. I started walking inside, looking at the basketball court in which we had more chit-chat sessions than playing basketball and quite often cricket as well. The KhoKho court reminded me of our evening football there. Finally, after a long gap of almost 2 years our Canteen was open and serving delicious food at the cheapest rates. Good-old SJC hall was still the same. There’s a story behind this hall - Any exam written inside this place was a disaster. Thank God (or curse him)! I didn’t spoil my TCS interview here.

Though I could have taken the straight road which led to TAP office, Alumni Hall and E&C Department, I took a left turn towards the Office to collect my Degree Certificate. TAP office and Alumni hall have seen me make a mess out of myself during interviews and other competitions. They have witnessed my talents and the victories that followed henceforth. The space in front of Office reminds me of the Unwanted-Yet-so-Important strikes and college fests. After a few calls and texts, I joined my friends at Coffee shop. Well, let me introduce them to you.

Sorry! I can’t give an introduction; it’s tough and will be dead long. Chandu, Kiran, Jagadeesh, KC, Jeevan, Ravi, and Anoop are their names.

We all sat on the benches of parking lot and had a pretty long conversation. This was and still remains to be our favorite spot inside the college. In case, if you are curious about what we spoke, it’s quite a wide range of topics – How life has changed in less than a year?, The best times we had during our B.E. ,College, Current jobs, Future plans, Commitments and a hell lot of other things. Jayesh joined us. We roamed SA block and clicked few photos in front of that tree which provided shade for our endless discussions, planning mass-bunks and helped us in hiding from lecturers. By the way, SA refers to Students Association (That’s a great revelation. Am I right MCEians?)

As it was study-holidays time, the whole college was deserted except for some hostelites playing cricket. That ground was the arena for our final year’s holi festival. The colors were so strong and the celebrations were so wild that the administration banned Holi celebrations from then onwards. Juniors, we beg your pardon. The library was meant for reading newspapers for me and the ground in front to play cricket and football. Then our mopeds moved towards the city.We had food at Gokul. In the process of planning to watch a movie in theater we settled inside Chandu’s room. Mayur joined us. The conversations continued. Tried to plan something for the next day but couldn’t. I had been to my PG, in which I stayed during my engineering. I felt so good. Then a brief visit to Vinayaka Zerox, Vaibhavi canteen and RC road. Madhu and Madhusudhan joined us. Back to sleep after a tiring day.

PART 2: 2nd June 2013  

It was too late in the morning when I woke up. I sent texts to others that I’m leaving to Bangalore. It was almost 2.00PM and I was ready to board my bus to Bangalore. There’s a twist in the tale. All of a sudden we planned a trip to Munjrabad Fort.In spite of refusing to join them and protesting that I have an important presentation next day,nobody listened to me. Needless to mention, even I was a part of this trip.

Two cars, 9 friends, rains, not-so-sure plans, few good songs and a camera was all enough for the ultimate drive. And you need that costly liquid as well. By the way, i was referring to petrol.Hassan to Sakleshpur road is an unreal beauty. You see greenery everywhere. It’s all perfect for your eyes and the camera lens. The best of all songs were being played inside the car. We took our car towards Munjrabad Fort. Sorry folks!! There is another twist. As we had already been to this place, it was decided to go to Bisle Ghat. Take a left diversion from the highway and drive for 50 Kms towards Subramanya, you’ll be in Bisle Ghat. Reasonably narrow and densely patch roads added the fun. Rains started pouring heavily and increased the aestheticism of the nature. Finally,we reached the view-point at 6:00PM.

It was a treat to watch from the view-point. It felt like we were a meter away from the clouds. The skies created a perfect white background for our photographs. No wonder many movies have been shot here. Food packets were emptied within few minutes and it was time for yet another chit-chat session. The cold breeze and thick rains created a heaven on earth and we were there. Every moment was so beautiful. Nature has it's own way of telling,”Life is Beautiful”. Bisle Ghat is a Paradise.

We returned to Hassan by 10:30PM in the night. Final hugs and a glass of juice at Cloud9. Slept for a while and boarded our bus to Bangalore at morning 6 o clock.

For all you people reading this piece...I have a simple message- "It's NOW or NEVER." Call your friends,send a quirky sms,say how much you love them,discuss non-sense,meet up on weekends, watch a movie,roam the city,plan a trip,enjoy,explore and live,don't just exist.

PS1:Marriages are made in heaven and these days,Picnics are planned in Facebook. Sorry Prashanth, Jagadeesh, Deepak, Gwata, Kishan, SK and Anoop - You people missed a thriller.

PS2: Look deep into nature, and then you will understand Everything Better- Albert Einstein.

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