Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Story behind the Story

I have always wanted to write something from past few years. I write a diary, scribble nonsense on bits and pieces of paper, type something on a notepad in my laptop and compose blog posts via my Blog. These days, there is an author constantly running in my mind. Writing has given me so much of pleasure. Looking at my blogposts, my improvement in writing, reader's appreciation and wanting to write more, gives a new lead to my life.

Long back, after reading my blogposts, few of my friends had suggested me to write something real and big. At that point in time, I didn't know what 'real' and 'big' meant. Later, when I started my career, few of my colleagues advised me to write something real. They gave me an idea to write a story-series, which would enhance my writing abilities and my journey as an aspiring writer. 

I thought about it for a while, discussed few ideas but didn't start anything. I kept on postponing the plan. I was happy writing short articles, travelogues and petty posts. After a tiring and not-so-good day at office, I started writing a love story. I wasn't sure whether it was an article or a short story when I published the first episode.

Few comments:  "Shit!! Why do you want to write a lovestory?" "Nobody reads these romantic stuff, these days" "Is this your lovestory?" "Looks mediocre" "Interesting! Good start!!"

My thoughts of writing a triangular lovestory went on to become a quadrilateral. Sometimes it appears like a dirty mixture of few films and novels to me. 

I was amazed to see good response. Though I lost few of my readers due to my infrequent publishing of episodes. But I am happy that I could reach out to good number of readers.

Few complaints: "Dude, I forgot the whole story" "Its irritating to click on "Click Here" " " "Post episodes regularly. You know that few are waiting to read the next part of the story"

If I say, this is a fictional story, I would be lying. This is a combination of what I have seen in my close ones' lives (My friends and colleagues) and my imagination (Wild, eccentric, and cheap, at times). I have never been in a relationship but I know a lot about this experience through my dear ones. Not to forget, I watch a lot of movies and soaps, read a lot of books and write-ups in internet. It isn't anyone's story in particular. You needn't go through that experience to write about it. Nobody wants to tell his personal story to the world. It is a fictional story with a lot of real-life elements in it. I kept on improvising the story. This story had actually become a part of my life. During my loneliness, travelling and various other instants I was thinking about the next episode. After writing each part, my friend, Jagadeesh used to come up with few suggestions. He is responsible for few twists in this story. From nowhere, this story reached somewhere and made me go through a fine journey.

Few appreciations: " I think, you should take it to the next level. Make a proper draft and we will talk to a publisher" "I never read lovestories, except this one. You are quite good" "Man, you write so real. Your narration is mind blowing. It must be your story" (My reply: If you know its real, then you must be in a relationship. Pat on my back, I'm good as an author) "It makes a lot of sense. You are getting better" "Every episode, you surprise me and keep me hooked up for the next part" "Good job, dude!"

I was happy to hear all the appreciation as well as criticism. At times, I didn't like the thought of me writing some shitty love story with so many episodes. That isn't real writing. But I define Real for myself. This writing was a memorable saga. Thinking like 4 different people was amazing. To weave a story that's unseen, to explain the emotions not experienced and to narrate the incidents which i wasn't part of, was splendid.

Thank you, for making this journey more enjoyable.
I'll miss Rahul, Aditi, Shreya and Sid. 

Thanks for your time!!


  1. " K u D O s .........." Buddy !!!! All the very best and waiting for your first novel ;) :)

  2. Thanks a lot, Jagga !! Thanks for being the partner in crime :)

  3. You only know how good you after you try! Keep writing Harish, follow your heart's passion and it will lead you to your destined future as a writer.

    The only piece of advise I would like to give you (after having written over 170 blog posts in 4 years which interestingly has received about 1450+ hits per month from 105+ countries) is that never seek to please all people by your writing that could be disastrous.

    "Be true to your self!" is the axiom you must follow. In trying to please others, I'm afraid you will begin to lose your originality. Be open to constructive feedback, that's fine but do not allow your script be directed by either the praise or criticism of others. If you have a story to tell, tell it with passion, tell it in a way that only you can tell it. That's the key I believe for originality and lasting, long term success.

    Wishing you all the exciting and exhilarating experiences of an adventurous writer. Let your light shine!

    1. Hi Sir,
      Your words mean a lot to me. Thanks again for re-instilling hope and inspiring me!! Will surely follow my heart and be true to myself. Hopefully,I'll come up with few good original works in future.