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A Journey To Remember - Episode 18

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Its not about how long we wait, its about how well we understand why we are waiting. Sometimes our reasons seem trivial for others...but for us..those are reasons which makes us breathe one more time.

I kept staring at the clock, I tried to pack things, I imagined all the good things that had happened to me over the years but nothing seemed to make feel alive. 

Melancholy had deeply penetrated to each and every blood vessel. Will I be happy without Shreya? Will Shreya lead her life peacefully, without me? Is Aditi serious on me? Should I clear the way for Aditi and Sid? Rather than going abroad, shall i start my life brand new, with my parents? Going to US is the best thing thing for me? I was torn apart by all these thoughts. Well, human brain can come up with innumerable permutations and combinations. His enemy, human heart agrees with one option at a time and changes it's decision, the next moment. 

My mom called me and I picked the call after 5 rings, " Rahul, It's 4 am. Wake up and get ready. Give me a call, before the plane starts."
I replied, "Sure,mom"

I knew, my parents wouldn't have slept the whole night. My decision to fly abroad had disturbed them, a lot. Unlike other families, middle class parents want their kids to be with them. All they care about is relationships, not professional milestones. I informed them 2 days ago to avoid all the emotional hi-drama. I didn't want them to see me off at the airport.

I got Aditi's message, "I'm ready!"

I called her, "Taxi will be here in few minutes. I am all set. I'll pick you at your place."

She reminded me, "Get your headsets and don't forget to turn off the gas cylinder. One more thing, wash all the used utensils. I know, you would have had a lot of coffee last night"

She was damn right. My headsets were lying on bed,coffee-mug on the table and I hadn't turned off the cylinder. Aditi knew me and I knew her. We were perfect to be friends. I had no thoughts of seeing her in some other place. We were fine to be together as buddies.

Taxi arrived and I picked Aditi from her place. We were at airport in 20 minutes. 

Sid had been to his hometown. He called me to say Goodbye!!

After a few formalities at the reception, I came back to Aditi, "Aditi, I want to tell you something. If you think Sid is the best for you, stop not! You never know. There isn't any rule that first love is the best. Love is such horrible arena that there is no guarantee. You give it a shot. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But before you get into this relationship stuff, make sure you aren't fake. You are real. You stay in it only if you feel like. I'm not telling you hop on to too many guys and find  good pair. Don't beleive in people who say, "There is no perfect match. We have to perfect what we have". Life gives you soulmate. My father and mother make the best couple. Their's was an accidental pair. You make efforts and give it a try, but if it doesn't work you must be good enough to end the relationship and move on. You aren't married to him, you are just dating. If you want to keep correcting your relationship everytime; better go with your parent's choice and go with an arranged marriage. It will atleast make your parent's happy, if not you. If you take a risk, do it properly. You find the best one for you. Not finding the best one will cause a hell lot of problems to you, your guy and both the families. Love marriages just end up with a small world with only two of you; your parents aren't bothered anymore (not that much, really). When life gives you an opportunity make the best of it. Regrets and wrong choices won't help anyone"

Aditi replied, "Hmmm. I agree. But how do you realize that HE is the one? "

I replied, "You'll get to know, soon."

We had a cup of coffee. Aditi gave me a music CD of retro bollywood songs.
"This one is for you Rahul. To the witty, not-so-smart, hilarious, heartful, not-that-rich, sensitive, dramatic and caring person I have ever met in my life. Thanks for making my life what it is"

I controlled my tears,
"Aditi, you know how much you mean to me.Take care of yourself. Take care of Sid. Visit my place, once in a while. Then, what else?? I'll miss you!! "

I hugged her. There were tears. I took my boarding pass and made my way, towards the waiting bay.I had to wait for 30 more minutes to board the plane. Each second was so terrible to pass. 

After a few minutes, I got an announcement, "Mr.Rahul, please come to the reception. It's an emergency"

I had one more disaster waiting for me. I rushed towards the reception.

And There she was! Shreya !

I was shocked. Shreya came running towards me. We stood against each other.

There was a long silence!

Shreya went on her knees and said, "I know, this is very much unlike me. Uffff!! Me, Shreya, totally awkward, highly weird and extremely abnormal girl wants to spend my entire life with you. I have been always afraid of myself, my intentions, my parents, conventions, society,  and many other things. Today, I no longer care about you, myself, our parents, our future or anything, else. I like you and I can never get anybody better than you. You can take care of me better than I do. I've hurt you, dissappointed you, and given you so much of trouble. Probably, I'll continue doing the same in future. More than anything else, I have always seen a companion in you. With you, I can talk non-sense, sing, do rubbish, dance, be totally myself and still be loved by you. I know, I made few wrong decisions, but I'm eventually here. All I can say is, " I LOVE YOU and I'M ALL YOUR'S ".

Shreya finally got to know her Truth. She disrupted her wedding ceremony and was here.

Life comes down to a few moments, and these moments shape our lives. Well, I didn't say anything. We both hugged!

The whole airport was looking at us without blinking their eyes.

There are a few things which cannot be explained.  Sometimes we don't know the real worth of our dear ones. We make wrong choices and continue to live with them. But we don't want it that way. Without confronting the problem we can never resolve it. Accept the reality, acknowledge the love and make good choices. Quitting from the wrong thing at the right time is as important as Staying with the right thing till the end.


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  1. Harish finally a very good ending..liked the whole story..waiting for another story:-)

    1. Thanks, Vidya. Hopefully, I'll start something new !

  2. Replies
    1. Bro, I haven't seen RHTDM. But most of the good love stories end at an airport!!

  3. Nice one, Harish! Great work..
    Just wanted to quote this "If someone is pulling you down, it means You're climbing up" :)

  4. Honestly there was nothing new about the climax , was expecting much more from you

    1. Thanks lo CN for your feedback. Will surely get better in future. I'm sure I won't disappoint you next time.

  5. Nice but fast. I mean very fast moving story. Days go line by line . overall its a good story :)

    1. I know, I rushed a bit in the later part of the series. But next time, I'll be better. Thanks for your comments/appreciations and inspiring me to write more.

  6. Nice Story Gp... Awesome writing.. hope to see many more in future too..

    Started to read ur blog today afternoon to get relaxation from bad Monday work and i cudn't sleep before reading it completely.

    Small suggestion: At some stages you could have been still more elaborative.. So when are you starting your next story??

    1. Thanks a lot, Hemesh. Even I think, I should have been more descriptive with my narration. Will surely get better in my future endeavors.
      Next story will be out very soon!!

  7. Very nice story and good flow. Liked the part where each episode stopped which made reader's to wait for the next episode. Overall good :)