Thursday, June 12, 2014

Amazing Theories !!


Well, these days, there is a tremendous decrease in people reading newspapers. Few of the readers just look at the last pages, film news and Page3 sections in it. Particularly, Kannada dailies have lost their readers count significantly. No time, modernization, mediocre journalism and low-quality writing are some of the reasons that we get if we ponder over this issue. 

Not to forget,there are a lot of people who read Kannada newspapers for the centre page articles. I am one of those old school types who still admire the write-ups of Vishweshwar Bhat, Sudha Murthy, Prathap Simha, Ravi Belagere, Pranathi and many more. No matter what, it seems impossible to miss on center page articles by these awesome writers.

To talk about life is a joy in itself. Here are 2 amazing theories on life that caught my attention and I have always been in awe of these theories from the day I read them.

Seven Years Each !

I was a huge fan of Cricket (I just realized that i used "was"). Cricket was one of my fantasies during my childhood (Again "was"). I used to fall sick to bunk classes and watch cricket at home. Waking up at 6 o clock in the morning wasn't an issue at all, if i could play cricket for an extra hour or two. 

Well, things have changed a lot. Cricket doesn't excite me anymore. Not that i watch or play cricket these days, but there isn't that anxiety and entertainment in it. Football is my new game of desire.

Our relationship with a particular person, liking for a certain dish, hobbies,places etc change over a period of time. The desire towards anything will last for a maximum of 'seven' years.

Consider a normal human life-cycle, we all are unaware of what we do in the first seven years. The next seven years is all about games and fun, teenage is more into friendships and relationships, 22-28 is the period where we worry about our jobs and career. Once we get married, our spouses are everything to us. Then we have kids, the next few years are spent on these kids. Our children become the most important thing in our life. It doesn't end here.  Then we thrive for an own home and taking care of our parents and their last few wishes. We are then worried about our children's marriage and cute little grand kids. Then starts the unending love towards spirituality, religion and all that is Good.

But we do act, at times, in such a way that we will own something forever. There isn't any guarantee of liking something for 'ever'. We are in an illusion. A favorite song of your's, a few years back, sounds so boring today. Your favorite hero, best friend, place to visit, hobby have changed over the years. Never ever be in an illusion for a temporary desire and lose something really worthy. This is the nature of life. Though, not everything loses its virtue but life turns out to be this way.

If you love something or someone for more than seven years, that is what you lived for !! There are obviously few things that are liked and loved beyond time. These things represent us and symbolize our life on this earth. At some point you'll realize your passion, find your soul mate, a satisfying profession and many other things. This is the point in life where we shouldn't compromise but hunt down our targets to attain what makes us happy. You should never put anything in abeyance. It's your life and You Live Only Once !!

We never live in the present !!

One of the biggest illusions of life is that we are living in the present. Actually, we always tend to live in past or aspire for future. You are watching a movie that was made long ago, listening to some retro, remembering the good old times, worrying about the future, your plans for the next weekend and many more.We are repeating what was done before or thriving to do what hasn't been done yet. It's a life which resides in past and hopes for future, it isn't actually present.

Well, right now, you are reading this post and thinking about clicking the "Like" button or dropping a "comment". You aren't actually in the present - You assume to be in the present. Chuck that. Now, either you are amazed at what i mentioned just now or it didn't make sense to you. You are into your imagination mode but not in reality. That again proves that we are in an illusion of living in the present but we aren't in reality.

Few of you may disagree with me and say that, living in the past and for the future is nothing but living in the present.
It sounds a bit complex and would vary with each person's perspectives and logical opinions.

We never live in the present, either we reside in past or future.

But these two theories make a hell lot of sense (at least for few of us). If you have come across such wage thoughts just drop a comment and let the world know. It feels good to share!!

PS: Life itself is a complicated stuff. We can never ever make generic conclusions and theories out of it. We are here for a reason , that we don't know. Lets live it to the fullest. 

Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for." I agree with the second part.

Thanks for your time. Drop a comment and let me know how you felt.
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  1. aangla bhasheyalli ondu prasidda maathide (ond thara bramaa_teethavadadde)
    The seven-year itch andre "The inclination to become unfaithful after seven years of marriage." antha...idakke ninna TARKA annodu mahathvadde....

    tamashegaagi...JUST LOVE....

    1. Seven-year itch is quite popular. Kiran, these theories are generic and it is illogical to generalize life. But, it was an effort to explain the beauty of these theories and question their existence. Thanks for your time. Dhanyavaadagalu !!