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A Journey To Remember - Episode 15

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This episode deals with more of perspectives. I have explained a bit more on dating, love, life and priorities which most of you will agree (You are right!!) but few might disagree (Come out of the Ignorance!!).
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There are a few moments in life which makes you neither happy nor sad. Realizing there was a huge disparity between Sid and Shreya was one such moment. I didn't like to see two of my best friends in such a situation. I knew, my chances were increasing but I couldn't digest the fact that both of them were suffering a lot.

Very few days were left for the marriage and I hadn't received an Invitation card yet. Neither of them called me or texted me about the preparations and what was going on.I heard a few gossips that Sid and Shreya had a series of fights. It was hard to believe those rumors, so I ignored them. My workload was too heavy and I was not that selfless to help them out in resolving their issues.

2 days before the marriage, I called Sid to enquire about what was happening, "Hi Sid, how are you?"

"I'm fine, dude. Whats up?", He replied.

"Nothing much. How is everything going on? How is Shreya?", I asked in a meek tone.

"Sorry, Rahul. I forgot to inform you. Things weren't going well on both the sides. So we had to quit before it got worse.", He elaborated.

"Sid, what are you telling? Are you serious?", I was stunned.

"Yup. I am very serious. I had a lot of disparities and fights with Shreya regarding various issues. We both never had sync with anything. Probably, we were acting it out, during the good-old-college times. This relationship was more of a tactic to pass time and share personal things. It had nothing to do with emotions, marriage and life. We realized these things a bit later, but we took some time to end this fake journey.We would have cheated ourselves and our families by tying the knot. It was the best decision we could take and I believe that we have done the right thing.", He confessed everything.

Man, I ruined my whole life for Shreya. I worried so much about you and now you have forgotten to inform me about the cancellation of marriage. Anyways, it cleared my routes.

"Are you both fine?", I asked him, genuinely.

"It is kind of tough for both of us. But as time flies we'll appreciate our decision", He was confident and sounded happy.

Shreya had moved to her native place with her family. The tragedy was, she had changed her phone number and didn't reply to any of my mails. I was deeply saddened by the fact that she didn't share anything with me. I guess, she tried her best to explain when I met her at the railway station. But I was dumb.

Aditi: "Ohhh!! That's a pretty complicated story. So you were very happy, I hope?"

Me: "Nope. Not really. I didn't want both of them to be hurt. But I always knew that they weren't made for each other. Sometimes, the loneliness suffered and the affection & comfort shown by opposite gender takes a bad turn called "Love". One more thing, when they realised they can't get along and they have huge disparities, they shouldn't have waited any longer. Many of us do this mistake of holding on to a dissatisfying relationship when we have better options. Dissatisfying doesn't mean anger, fights or discomfort. It is not getting the best you could get"

Aditi: "I still wonder why did Shreya disregard you, when she knew you are better than Sid, for her? Atleast, she could have explored more about you and gone ahead"

Me: " She had given herself to Sid. She didn't want to take chances and make things miserable."

Aditi: " Rahul, pre-marriage relationships are meant to check whether someone suits us or not. There isn't any promise involved in it. Both of them are trying and they should be mature enough to break-up, if they found someone better. In a way, Shreya cheated Sid by not trying you. You don't avoid the best match just because you are dating someone. At the end of the day, what really matters is - Are you living your life with the best match (not just the right person)? It doesn't matter whether your date was perfect or not? It doesn't matter whether you took chances with more than one? Shreya would always regret the decision of staying with Sid because she would be thinking about you forever, unknowingly"

Me: "Hmmm. Makes sense for both of us. But Shreya had different perspectives."

Aditi: "I know!! Anybody would feel bad at that point in time. Eventually, Sid would have understood. But any time, relationships are meant to try. She wasn't married to Sid. Once you are married to someone, there are no options at all and you have to bare it all. There is a promise involved in it. Shreya messed it up for you as well as Sid. So did Shreya ever call you?....(After a pause) Sorry, you carry on with the story"

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  1. Nice:-) Watever Adithi is telling its true for many in theirlife:-)

    1. Vidya, its more of perspectives. For me, Aditi is logical and makes sense !!

  2. What can I say.... !!! :-o Too good Harish. :) Truths and facts are so beautifully put.

    1. Thanks, Archana. Its really heartening that you liked the post !!