Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Journey To Remember - Episode 14

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XYZ: I guess, this is your lovestory. Who is Shreya, dude?
Me: Shreya?? If it were to be true, do you think Shreya would be still with Siddharth even after reading this?
XYZ: Probably you both are in a relationship, now. 
Me: Seriously?! If Shreya were to be mine, do you think she would allow me to publish this story?
XYZ: Hmmm. (After a pause) By the way, good writing and imagination, and you can improve in few areas.
Me: I can't agree more!!

Both, Shreya and Sid, were really happy. They were on cloud9. Every single thing on earth had fallen in place for them. 

A ritual was organised at Sid's place before the engagement. All the meetings happened in restaurants and public places prior to this and there wasn't much awkwardness. Shreya and her close relatives had been to Sid's home. Here started the trouble for both the families. Each one of them felt too uncomfortable.There were few awkward incidents and embarrassing moments. From the rituals to cuisine, every single thing added to the inconvenience.Cultural differences had a lot to play.

Even though both the families agreed to the marriage, there were still hiccups and turbulence. Shreya and Sid were feeling the heat. Both of them were fed up of all the drama that was happening. They started disliking each other's family (Probably, their decision of tying the knot). 

Sid called me a week after their engagement.
"Hi Rahul. How are you?"
"I'm fine. Whats up? Why do you sound so dull?"
"Nothing much. I wanted to talk to someone. I wasn't feeling good."
"Its OK. Is everything fine over there?"

He told me a few strange things that it took me some time to digest.

"I have lost interest in Shreya, dude. I feel like there isn't anything to discuss.I don't feel like talking to her or spending time with her. Even if i do call her or meet up, I can't sustain her for more than 2 minutes. I'm getting worried these days. Its not working anymore. We both are very different people than what we had thought. Being in a love relationship and being a married couple are two entirely different things.I think, its not too late to quit. Both the families never gel up well. There are a hell lot of differences. All these differences and uncomfort has been creating hatred. This relationship is not going to stay long. I think, it is better to both of us that we separate before things worsen up."

I was shocked.

Sid was really frustrated. He went on and on, for a long time.

"Rahul, I don't know how to tell this to Shreya and both the families. I'm trapped. I was drowned in an illusion. Shit !"

There was a huge crack in their relationship. 
Situation got worse on the issues of wedding venue, rituals,costumes, food to be served and many more. 

Few months later, Shreya had been to Mumbai to attend her friend's marriage. I met her at the railway station before she left for Panaji.

I used to be a bit sad those days and Shreya could recognize it within a flash.
" I'm leaving in an hour. Glad that you came, else it would have been so boring here. Why do you look so sad?", She enquired. 

"Nothing like that. It was a long day at office", I lied.

I could sense that Shreya wasn't in her best mood. She made an attempt to convey something but she wasn't clear.

"Rahul, we are all fake. Human beings change so quickly. It is not anyone's fault but we are born and built that way. We get into a false dogma of hope,trust and love. Later we realize that truth is something else, but we can't come out of it. Life is a bitch and pretty complicated."

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