Monday, May 19, 2014

Dear Politicians, We are watching you !!

Congrats BJP. Please don't let us Down !!
Dear AAP,  Thanks for all the false hopes!! 
Dear Congress and all its allies , You deserve it !! 

I am a keen follower of Indian Politics. I consider, Politics as one of the most intelligent games in this world. It's a sport which can make the biggest impact in this world.We have just had the most vibrant elections till date. The whole country is brimming with hope and looking forward to a golden era. Here are my thoughts on The rising of BJP, The Flopshow of Congress and other major political developments.

When a struggle against corruption took a political name called AAP, I was thrilled. I thought, AAP was the biggest hope in front of us. With great thinkers, activists and young leaders in its team, AAP had set everything right for itself. The common man, so-called aam aadmi, saw some kind of revolution to happen.People were ready to raise funds for a political organisation.Social media was buzzing about Arvind Kejriwal and Company. AAP challenged the political system by taking good number of seats in Delhi Assembly elections without spending much. When AAP government was formed in Delhi, the whole country was happy. Whether it was immaturity or over-enthusiasm or dumbness or other reasons, AAP made us lose faith in democracy. All those who believed in AAP and supported this political movement were badly hurt. AAP wanted everything to happen within few moments. They had no patience to wait and no time for struggle. Sometimes, they even forgot that they were ruling the state and stuck to their 'protesting' mantra. AAP dismally resigned from their duties in Delhi and started to impose thier illusion to the entire country. AAP brutally fooled us with a political drama and publicity stunts. It was a great setback to Indian politics. Thousands of false aspirations were burnt and the people of this nation were cheated.  

I said to myself, "Does this country ever change?" 

History won't forgive UPA for being so passive to the burning problems. Innumerable scams, price rise, corruption, tolerance to terrorism and crimes were few of the reason which cost Congress a lot. Not-so-expressive PM who was remotely handled by someone else was a bitter truth. Someone who was touted as the greatest economist didn't deliver well. Our PM was never an open book but time isn't yet over to tell the truth to this nation. UPA leadership never existed at all. The campaigning was pointless. Projecting Rahul Gandhi as the probable PM had negative effects.All the allies of UPA, including Congress, had one point agenda of "Secularism". We, the people of this country, are fed up of hearing this word again and again.

To all the regional parties over there, you were worse than National parties in understanding and serving the locals. The voters have strongly rejected you. I was excited to look at the pathetic performance of the so-called secular, pro-development regional parties who did nothing at all. (Respect #TMC #AIADMK)

Indians wanted a Change and we saw it in the face of BJP. Modi's track record was a bonus. Congress's failure was a blessing.I am not sure whether media creates the Public opinion or broadcasts it. The pre-poll surveys certainly benefited BJP. Election results remind us about the beauty of Democracy. I am not sure we have voted for the right party but I am proud that we are ready to welcome the "Change".

So much has been written and spoken about Mr.Modi, BJP ,RSS and all, so I won't get into that. All i want to say is, BJP has the golden opportunity to prove their mettle. To serve this country and take us to greater heights. This is the right time for BJP to grow beyond caste politics, Ram Mandir and other conventional agendas. If BJP misses out on this chance, trust me, it would take them more than a decade to regain their strengths. And for Congress, be a good Opposition party (First of all, you need to form a coalition to form one) and please don't just oppose anything and everything. 

2014 LokSabha Election results has instilled faith in democracy again. Dear Politicians,We are watching you !! Invest your time in development works. As an MP, keep serving the people of your constituency. Behave yourself during the parliament sessions, in public, on social platforms and everywhere else. The country needs your service. Do your best and we won't let you down.

PS1: Long Live Democracy.
PS2: Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.


  1. Good thought dude... Hope Bjp keeps its promise

  2. Good thought dude... Hope Bjp keeps its promise

  3. Thanks Harish. You have very eloquently expressed the sentiments of the common man. I personally think, a successful democracy does not happen once in 5 years. We must also have some mechanisms in place to make our politicians/leaders accountable as well.

    The other important thing is that 'development' has to be inclusive. Almost 680 million people (56 percent of India’s population), a study found in 2012, had consumption levels below INR 1,544 per month. Urban India is home to 171 million such people while the remaining 509 million live in rural areas. The lives of these Indians are still marked by a continuous struggle to achieve a modicum of dignity, comfort, and security.

    Fulfilling the fundamental rights of all Indians to economic opportunity and basic dignity is a daunting challenge in the face of the overwhelming need. We have all the tools and technology we need. Some of them, it is true need repair. Others need to be improved and perfected for the task ahead. All that we lack is the will to prevail, but political will can be renewed and strengthened by acknowledging the truth of our circumstances and accepting our obligation to safeguard the future for the next generation and all who will follow them.

    1. True that, Sir. Hope we all (not just politicians) learn and strive hard to move ahead.Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Nice Harish, each and every sentence is true feeling of most of the common man of our country.Hoping for the changes.