Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Journey To Remember - Episode 13

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The clock was ticking 7 when we thought of returning back. My senses were reminding me that this would be the last time i'll see her. I parked the two-wheeler at my hostel.
"Come, I'll walk you to your hostel",I said.
She nodded.
"Shreya, don't I have any chance?", I asked her.
"No. Not at all. Rahul, please stop dreaming. Lets be practical. Never ever hurt yourself, you don't deserve to be hurt. Move on with your life. I'm not the right one for you. I'm already taken", She said.
"If you ever break-up with Sid, put your ego aside and get back to me.You know, I'll be waiting for you. Till the day either one of us get married, I'll have the desire to be with you. This isn't infatuation or lust. This is true love.", I elaborated.
I controlled my tears but my eyes were wet. I was a loser, indeed.

She came closer to me, held my hands and said, "Take care"

"Shreya, I love you and I'll be waiting for you", I re-confirmed and she didn't reply at all.

Thats it. I came to my hostel. I felt like, I had no reason to live anymore.

I finished all the formalities in the college and left to my hometown. I didn't even spend time with my family as I got my joining offers too early. I came to Mumbai and started working here.

It was tough to adjust to a bigger city and a frustrating job. Everybody was a stranger. I don't know how fast time flew. I lost in touch with many of my friends. But I never missed out on calling to Shreya once in a week, atleast. It wasn't the same Shreya, anymore and even I had changed.But I still wanted Shreya in my life.

One day Sid had been to Mumbai to meet me. He stayed at my apartment for a day.
"Shreya's parents have agreed for the marriage. My parents are stubborn. Could you please talk them and try to convince them? ", he pleaded me.

This was the first time Sid asked me something.I couldn't say NO.

But the selfish side of me was shouting deep down inside, "This is the time to break this relationship. Go and misguide Sid's parents"

I knew one thing for sure, me and Shreya would be too happy together. My inner senses told me that eventually she'll choose me over everything else in this world. I had a grave trust.

Next weekend I had been to Sid's home. I tried to convince his parents. Basically, I didn't want to get Shreya in unfair means.After so much of turbulations,  they were forced to say "YES". Sometimes, unknowingly we get to choose the noble way rather than being ruthless. I had nothing to prove to others but myself. 

Life is cruel. I convinced Sid's parents for Shreya's marriage with Sid. Uff!! It can never get worser than this.

That night, Shreya sent me a text, "Thanks for everything" and I didn't know what to reply.

The families planned for their engagement dates.

For the first time Aditi interrupted me, "Rahul, You told me that Sid broke-up with Shreya. But what the hell are you telling"

I replied, "Stay calm and listen to me. After finalising the engagement dates, all the drama started. Let me continue.."

Aditi said, "Ohhh!! Is it? Carry on"

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  1. Harish, lengthen your episodes please.. ;)

    1. Sure, Ashwini. Will make it lengthy and release the posts more frequently !

  2. Eagerly waiting for yo next post :-P

    1. I'll post the next episode soon. Thanks, Nikila.

  3. Dude post d next episode asap....... I jus want 2 knw d twist ;) :p

    1. Hi bro, I'll publish it tomorrow. Thanks for your time !