Friday, January 24, 2014

A Journey To Remember - Episode 9

Here is the next episode of the story. To read the previous part Click Here. Thanks a lot for all the reviews, comments, concerns and taunts. 

Last Chance !!

After the party, Sid took me to a nearby beach. It was already 2' o clock in the night. The waves and chirping birds created a perfect background score for us. All of a sudden, Sid starting shouting, "Rahul, my bro. You are a nice guy.Thanks for everything, especially helping me to hook up with Shreya. I love her a lot. I can't live without her. We both are very happy,together. You made it all possible.

My initial plans of sharing about 'me and Shreya' , with Sid were thrashed. I was wondering, how did i help him in this endeavor? Probably, i was indirectly responsible for my misery. 

Next few days, I wrote a very long mail expressing my feelings to Shreya but, it couldn't come out of my 'Drafts'. Waiting is painful, forgetting is painful, but not knowing which decision to take is the worst suffering! Do you know how a father feels when his dear daughter separates from him, after her marriage?  Do you how a mother feels when her son slips away from her, towards his wife? Do you know how it feels to say good bye to a close one? I was going through the same pain. It was hell !

Sid was a great guy. I was in no comparison to him in any aspect. But Shreya and Sid weren't meant to live life together.My senses told me that they are two different people to lead a happy life(Probably, they thought the other way round). I had a conviction that I was the right person for Shreya. Shreya would find a perfect soulmate in me. There are few things in life for which you don't have reasons to explain. You truly believe and aspire for those. Shreya was one such desire that I couldn't let her go.

Life was terrible! My best friend was dating my would-be-soulmate (You can call her already-a-soulmate). I couldn't share this misfortune with anyone but suffered all alone. I would complete my student life in 2 months and join corporate world. I had the regret of not telling things but expecting a lot from them. I was completely lost ! 

It was a saturday evening, i had my beard shaved and put on a blazer to attend the Farewell party hosted by our juniors. Time for yet another tragic evening to recall the memories and cry out loud to commemorate the separation. Shreya was wearing a red chiffon saree and looked gorgeous. We had a lot of exciting games, melodramatic-speeches and other fun events. At last, we gathered on the dance floor for the DJ party. I danced for few minutes and moved out of the auditorium to take a seat in the parking lot. All the memories were flashing in front of my eyes; the best and the worst ones belonged to Shreya(Sid included for the later part,mostly). I saw someone walking towards me. It was Shreya ! 

Shreya: Why did you leave the dance floor? You have changed a lot these days.
Me: Nothing like thatIt was kind of boring. So...
Shreya: Look who's bored of dancingYou fine? You look sad.
Me: Whatever! Stop asking questions and sit here peacefully,for a while.

Shreya was sitting next to me and the almighty had given me one last chance. We would be in different cities and leading a different lives altogether in few days, from now.  Life was all set for drastic changes. I thought, if it weren't to be now, it would never happen at all. 

Open skies, full moon, twinkling stars, dead silence, cool breeze, pale-yellow background from the nearest street-light, me and Shreya. 

This was the last chance , to live life without regrets. 

This was the last chance, to let her know how much she meant for me.
This was the last chance, to make her realize what true Love is.
This was the last chance, to tell her she was the best thing that happened to me. 
This was the last chance, to convince her that I wanted her in my life, at any cost.
This was the last chance, to make her live like a Princess.
This was the last chance, to steal her from everybody else.
This was the last chance, to say "I LOVE YOU".
This was the last Chance!!
This was the last Chance!!

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