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A Journey To Remember - Episode 7

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What's Happening ??!!

Was I being possessive about Shreya? Was I doubting her? I was not sure!!

I rushed towards them and asked Siddharth, "Hi Sid, I thought you finished your exams yesterday."

"Yup. Actually Shreya had forgotten to bring her Hall-Ticket. She had called me to get it from the hostel. So I am here.",Sid clarified.

"Hey, how was the exam?",She asked me.

"It was good. Why weren't you picking my calls?", I was furious.

"OK guys. You carry on. I'll see you later.", Siddharth left the place before she answered me.

"It was in silent mode.", She exclaimed.

"Shreya, why didn't you call me? I could have brought the Hall-Ticket from your hostel.", I said in a loud tone.

"Calm down. I thought, you would be already tensed with all the exam-fear. Sid was free and he was here in 10 minutes.Anyways,Sid isn't an outsider.", She elaborated.

I  wasn't satisfied with the answer but managed to don a fake smile. Hundreds of thoughts were running in my mind.

"Come, we'll go to the cafeteria", I called her.

"Sure. I must say, Sid is really a nice guy. So funny, you know.........", She was blabbering all the way to cafeteria.

I was shocked. This was the first time she was speaking about Sid in front of me and I was totally unhappy. My world was just starting to fall apart. 

I thought it was the right time to tell her 'things'. You know what I mean? To express my (real) feelings towards her and say 'I Love You'.

"Shall we go for dinner,tonight?", I invited her.
"Nope, Rahul.I am leaving tonight by 7. I have reserved the tickets. I'm getting late. I'll call you later", She was in a hurry.

It was a 1 month vacation. As I stayed at my place, I couldn't use cellphones or internet. My village was devoid of all the urban needs - I mean telephones & internet. I had lost touch with all my friends, especially Shreya. I missed her, a lot. I was worried about what was happening between Sid and Shreya.

Something very disastrous happened during the holidays. Our family badly needed 5Lakhs to save our farms. As of now, I don't want to elaborate on that. I went to the nearest city and telephoned Sid for the help. You know what, he came all the way from Goa to give me 1.2Lakhs. Today it might be a very meager amount, but at that time, it was huge! He didn't even ask me a single thing till i repaid it after 3 months. Its not about the money but the amount of respect and value he showed towards our friendship. You know, I have a huge respect for Sid even today.

After the reopening of the college,
" Where the hell were you all these days? Not even a single call or atleast an sms", Shreya was shouting at me.
I explained her,"Hey there is no network at my place. I can't make calls or use internet."

On a bright Saturday morning, HOD came to the class and announced, "There will be an election for the post of BR (Branch Representative). Whoever is interested can register your names by the end of the day"

My friends had registered my name without my consent. I was happy as well as afraid.

I got a text from Shreya,

"Y do u want to contest for BR elections?
"My frens did it. Is der smthng wrong wit tat"
"I don't know. Ok..cya.GN"
"Gud nyt. take care"

Next few weeks made me realize 2 things. First thing, Shreya wasn't talking/texting to me as she wasn't happy about me contesting for the post of BR. Second thing, I had a severe opposition from a bunch of guys.

The whole campus was gossiping about 'Shreya and Sid'. I didn't pay much attention to it as I was busy with BR elections.

On the day of results, I was too nervous. But all the efforts paid off and I won the elections.
"So, somebody is a BR now. Lot of attention and power. Congrats BR", Shreya winked at me and we both shook hands.

"Thank you. Its been quite a sometime that we have spoke to each other properly. I'm throwing a party tonight, exclusively for you. You will be coming right? ", I invited her.

She said,"Yes. For sure."

But we didn't meet up that night. My opponents couldn't tolerate my victory and thrashed me inside the campus. I was injured badly and screaming for help. All I remember was being at a hospital with Shreya, Sid and other friends.
"What the hell is happening,guys ?", I shouted.
"Calm down. This is a hospital. We'll talk later", Sid consoled me.
To avoid Police and other dramas, my friends shifted me to Sid's home. 

"It's OK. Stay here for a week. You can't get proper food and other facilities in hostel.Sid will take care of you",Shreya said.

In spite of my disagreement I was at Sid's home.

Sid and his parents took great care of me. They were so nice to me. I felt like a part of their family. Shreya came to visit me every alternate day. Rather than the wounds, Sid and Shreya's long conversations on the balcony hurt me a lot. 

I came to hostel after 10 days. I had almost forgotten about telling 'things' to Shreya. BR elections had a great influence on my life. I started liking Sid more and more. I loved Shreya, a lot.

Next day in the college I asked Shreya, "Shall we go somewhere, tomorrow?"
"I don't feel like doing anything. You carry on",She declined. Shreya was in a state of confusion.
She was looking stressed. I knew, something was wrong with her.

Now, all I had to do in this world was to wait for the next weekend. 

But I got a call from Shreya the next day ,
"Rahul, shall we meet at the Angel Fort today evening? I want to tell you something. Something very important! "

"Sure. I'll catch you in the evening", I accepted the offer.

You be there by 5PM. By the way, Rahul, you make me feel good!! " She hung up the phone.

After some time, I took my friend's bike, plugged in my earphones and started towards the Fort.

"You make me feel good...Angel Fort...Something very important!!....."
Her words were looping in my mind, continuously. 

"Why would she call me and speak like this? omg!! Is she interested in me? Are we heading towards a relationship?", I was talking to myself.

Well,the moment had come!!  

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  1. Awesome story harish...... try 2 write more n 1 episode pls... eagerly waiting 4 next episode

  2. Duuuuuuuude..... Again you did it....abrupt stopping is not good for readers health...recent scientific research has shown

  3. Duuuuuuuude..... Again you did it....abrupt stopping is not good for readers health...recent scientific research has shown

    1. Thank u.. Ravi, i guess abrupt stopping helps the author...