Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Journey to Remember - Episode 4

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Midnight Walk !!

I got a call from some unknown number. It was already 11.00PM. I was even lazy to say hi, when i heard Shreya's voice," Hey Rahul, it's me Shreya.Sorry for troubling you."

"Hi Shreya." I replied.

"I returned back from my cousin's marriage. Due to some issues i reached Goa now. It's too late and I can't find any auto-rickshaws here. Could you please..." She was pleading in a meek tone.

"Its OK, Shreya. I'll drop you to your hostel. By the way, where are you?", I assured her. 

"I'm at Shastri Circle. Please make it fast.",She replied.

"Yeah sure. I'll be there in few minutes." I said.

I took my friend's bike and headed toward's the Shastri Circle. It was 11 kilometers from my hostel. I reached there in 10 minutes. To just confirm that this wasn't a dream, I pinched myself hard. OMG! It was all happening.

Shreya was eagerly waiting for me. She was afraid and way too uncomfortable.

"Hey Shreya. Lets go." I said.

"Thanks a lot, Rahul. It means a lot" She acknowledged me.

"You are always welcome", I said.

Trust me, I was on Cloud 9.

We headed towards the college girl's hostel.Unfortunately (may be,fortunately) the fuel tank was empty and the bike said,"I am done for the day." 
We were still 2 kilometers from the hostel.

Why did this happen?? Was I heading towards something special??

"Sorry,Shreya. No petrol!! We need to walk.

"No problem, Rahul. We'll walk"

The deserted road, cool breeze, bright moonlight and dead silence. I was walking with Shreya (and my friend's bike). It was a great feeling. 

"You don't know what it means, but i'm very grateful to you. I felt scared all alone. I had lost my cellphone during the wedding ceremony and all I had was your phone number written in a chit. I used the public telephone to call you. It feels awkward to call someone for the first time and ask for the help." She elaborated me.

"I understand",I said.

"So...what were you doing when i called you?", She asked.

"I was watching a movie", I lied.  I wanted to sound cool.

"Which one?",She asked.

"Dil Chahtah hai." I thought it's better to tell a movie which i had already watched.

"I'm a complete movie buff. I love that movie. I might have watched it a dozen times. They have shown friendship and love in a nice way." She was excited.

"Same here. I am crazy about movies.Yup, even I like this movie a lot." I said.

She exclaimed , "I was wondering if you'd like to join me at the movies sometime.  I mean, if you are fine with the idea. Usually my friends don't like to watch movies in theaters."

"Why not?" I am dying to spend time with you. I was totally awed at what was happening. Happiness knew no bounds. 

"Lets see.... How was your weekend?" She questioned. 
"It was good. How was yours?"

She explained me about her cousin's marriage celebrations and all the fun she had. I kept listening to her. She was a treat to watch. I was speechless.

In a flash, we were in front of the hostel. The watchman was sleeping,actually he was snoring. Shreya went to him and requested him to let her in. After few arguments, he noted her name, checked her ID card and sent her inside. 
He shouted,"I'll report to the warden tomorrow", when she was entering the hostel.

Shreya entered the hostel and waved at me. Her eyes said,"Thank you very much."

Later i talked to the watchman and bribed him Rs.200 (That's all I had with me) to leave this matter and not to report this to anyone. 

Something very special happened that night. I rejoiced each and every moment that i spent with Shreya. I couldn't sleep the whole night. I was dying to meet her in the college next day.

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    1. Thanks for reading, bro. Surely i'll be posting the next episode soon.

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    1. Lo boyy, it's the name of the girl in my story. Nothing else. Thanks for your time.

  3. Ide first tym nin post odiddu... It was really gud at d midnight :p ...

  4. Macha when did u change ur name as Rahul da??

    1. I haven't yet changed my name. It's just a story lo. Thanks for reading!!

  5. Hihaha :D... beautiful story in ur head :P
    Small feelings are so nicely narrated that it feels like real eventhough it isn't. .. awesome.. Keep it up :)