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A Journey To Remember - Episode 5

Hi folks, thanks for all the appreciation. Thanks a lot for all the "Nice story,man", "So far too good" ,"When will you publish your next episode?" comments(online + offline). It really feels awesome.

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I guess, I had fallen in love !

After a romantic midnight walk, I couldn't sleep properly. I was eagerly waiting for the next day to begin. It was 6.30 in the morning and i was awake. I could see the huge buildings of my college being kissed by the sunlight. All the uncles,aunts,senior citizens,sportsmen and fitness-freaks were sweating it out to burn their calories. For me, it was a refreshing sight. I was feeling good on a monday morning, like never before. My laptop was switched on and the melodies were being played.

"  Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho maine sun liya
   Ki saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya
   Chun liya
   Maine Sun liya
   Pehla nasha
   Pehla khumaar....."

Shreya greeted me with a grin on her face as i entered the class.
I acknowledged her, "Hi Shreya. Good morning" and I was about to start a conversation when our Field-Theory Lecturer entered the class. I was forced to take my seat and listen to his lecture.

It was a busy day in the college with too many theory classes. All my attempts to talk to her failed. But we had a lab session in the afternoon. Finally, I got a chance to speak to her.

"Thanks a lot again, Rahul." She said.
"Hey Shreya, how many times will you thank me? Its OK. So tell me about your cousin's wedding celebrations." I asked her.
From the spa she visited to the dress she wore, she explained every single bit. She told me about the costume, ear-rings, elaborated the jewelry, and even the sandals she wore on the wedding day. I was amazed at the way she described each and every little thing that had happened.
"I had the best time with my family. It was great fun. But while coming back I had to suffer a lot, you know." She finished.

Me and Shreya got along each other very well in the days that followed. Though I couldn't talk to her on daily basis, i used to compensate (or maybe, overcompensate) it during the labs. Exchanging lab records, internals-time silly doubts, recommending songs,movies & novels and many more things got us closer.

After few days, we used to have long sms chats. Gtalk was the savior when we exceeded the sms limit for the day.We used to talk about all the things that existed on this globe - songs,movies, novels, families, aspirations, frustrations, philosophy and all the nonsense.

"You always make me feel good." "You are the nicest guy i have ever met."    " Don't be sad. It doesn't suit you" "Confront the odds and don't try to escape. You have no idea how good you are" are the few remarks she made, that i still remember. 

In the coming days, we used to catch up during weekends for lunch and parties. We both started working for the same NGO called Maitree in the city. It was a great experience to both of us. The amount of care and enthusiasm she showed during the events was truly incredible. I started admiring her for every single thing she did.

My fascination for Shreya and the desire to spend time with her increased a lot as days passed.

I used to share all my worries with her. She was a great motivator and a gem of a person.

"I feel like giving up.Why is it all unfair in this world?" I asked her after a very bad experience.
"Hey Rahul. You can't expect everything to be perfect. Sometimes it happens. Never bother about others. You just be the same - kiddish, fair and super-awesome." She consoled me.
I had no reply. I looked at her and controlled my tears. I couldn't have asked for a better companion.
She held my hands and whispered,"Everything will be fine."

I guess, I had fallen in love.

It was a long saturday night. Manchester United thrashed some opponent very badly that we guys couldn't switch off the Hostel TV till 3AM. I woke up a bit late, my cellphone showed 2 missed calls from Shreya's number. My inbox had received 2 sms from the same which read,
 "Shall v catch up for a movie? If U r free.. "

"U might be still sleepin. Reply me wen u c tis sms."

I re-read the sms properly to confirm that i wasn't dreaming. It was damn real and a dream come true.

I didn't even waste a single microsecond to call her, 
"Hey Shreya, sorry yaar. I woke up now. Movie...??"

She replied,"Its OK. They are showing Swades at MAGNUM theatre. None of my friends like Shahrukh Khan. I badly want to watch it.You free?"

I was thrilled and dying for this invite," Yup. I'm free. Even I wanted to watch a movie. By the way, I am not a fan of SRK"
"Shit man!!Why not a romantic movie? Hum Tum is being screened at FALCON Theatre. Whatever!! Any movie with you is fine" I said to myself.

She confirmed,"2:30 show. MAGNUM theatre. Swades. Don't be late"

I couldn't control my emotions and started dancing. My room-mates had no clue, but they all managed to shake their legs with me. I was Happy.

I don't remember who bought the movie tickets, popcorn(which I don't like) and soft drinks, but without any doubt, Swades was a great movie (Gayatri Joshi was fabulous). We both smiled, cried and exchanged few looks throughout the movie. 

I was having the best time of my life.

We were leaving the theater carrying loads of emotions when someone shouted," Rahul....RAHUL..."
It was Siddharth.
We both shook hands and hugged each other.

I greeted him,"Hey Sid. This is Shreya."
I was about to introduce Sid to Shreya,"Shreya, this is...."
Shreya interrupted me, " Who doesn't know Siddharth? Hi.."
"Hi.... You guys carry on. I'm leaving",Sid winked at me and went off in a hurry.

Well I don't why, but i was feeling scared,insecure and uncomfortable.

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  1. getting Interesting episode to episode !!!!! nice 1 man ;)

  2. Oh.....I see where this is going..... Next episodes has lots of emotions and jealousy huh!!!! Dude...publish it at regular intervals that everyone can mark their calendar as "prime time to read GPs' blog" :) Good Going...thumbs up

    1. I always try to publish it at regular intervals,but you know the odds that we face right? Surely,I'll be more frequent and regular in coming days. Thanks a lot,Ravi.

  3. The flow of story makes every reader eagerly wait for the next one. Good going GP :) :)
    I can see a blend of your imagination and reality in your writings. All the background details apart from the 4 characters' story line is pretty much reality and all MCEians will have the feeling of real story just as I am having it.
    enjoying every bit of it :) :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Ashwini ,for such a nice review. It means a lot to me. Keep reading.

  4. I love Swadesh....Shreya n I have same tastes i guess :P :)

    1. LOL. Even i love Swades. So even my tastes match with Shreya. Madhu, I guess she doesn't like metallica+bullet for my valentine..