Friday, October 4, 2013

A Journey to Remember : Episode 3

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The bus conductor shouted, "Hello, jaldi kijiye"

We were still discussing nonsense in the dhaba.

I said to her,"Chalo, we'll get inside the bus and then talk"

She nodded and we were back inside the bus.

Aditi: "I am asking you for the last time, don't you love me??"

Me: "No, Aditi. You are just a good friend of mine"

But I wasn't sure whether I had any feelings for Aditi. I was in a 'confused' state.

Aditi: " Rahul, I have always had feelings for you. But I can't wait more. I have started liking Siddharth. He is a nice guy to be with. I guess, it's right time for me to approach him"

I was stunned. I almost had tears in my eyes,but i managed to look composed.

Me: "Go ahead. Do whatever you feel like doing."

Aditi: "Will you do me a favor?"

Me: "Ohh, come on. Don't be formal."

Aditi:"Promise me."

Me: "Ok. I promise."

Aditi: " Please tell me about Sid's previous relationship. I just want to know everything about it.Who was that girl? What was the reason for their break-up? Why was Sid so sad when he joined our company?"

Sid joined our company a year ago. He had ended his relationship with his girlfriend and was very much depressed.

Me: " Nope. I cant' tell all that. Sorry.."

Aditi: "You just promised me. I won't leave you"

Me: "Wait  for few days, I'll tell you"

Aditi: "No, I want to know that right now"

My cellphone started ringing. I was about to answer the call, but she snatched my phone.

Me: "Aditi, don't act like a kid. I'll tell you what happened. But it's a very long story"

Aditi:"I'm all ears"

I told her what happened a few years ago. I hadn't told these things to anybody in this world. I always avoided from remembering and discussing those events which shook me. 

Me: "Aditi, I was in a relationship in my college.Her name was Shreya. I never told you about her but today I'll. I met her at the fresher's party just because of Sid. Somehow Sid was responsible for this relationship. After fresher's party i was hesitant to talk to her. We used to exchange 'smiles' and 'hi-looks'. After a week, luckily we both were in the same group in Labs. We started having long conversations during the lab hours. 

The day had come to exchange our phone numbers.In lab, she told,"Rahul, I'll be going to my cousin's wedding tomorrow. I won't be able to write the record as i'll return by sunday evening. Just give me your phone number. I'll collect it from you so that I can attend Monday's lab".
Pleasure knew no bounds as I dictated my phone number and she noted it on a piece of paper. She said," I forgot to bring my cellphone. I'll text you later" and kept that paper in her purse.

It was high time for me to show my intelligence. I thought of asking the lab record from a senior in my department so that I can write it in a decent manner.
I called Sid and said, "Hey, I need your 3rd semester Digital Electronics record. Could you please bring that tomorrow". 
He replied,"Bro, what' wrong with you? Writing lab record n all."
I said,"Just like that."
Sid replied,"I'm not sure I still have it. But I'll search and get it for you."

Next day Sid came with a lab record.
I acknowledged him,"Thanks a lot,dude"
He said, "Bro, I couldn't find mine. So I borrowed it from my friend. I'll convey your thanks to her"

I prepared the lab record with great anxiety and at most care. It had to be the best. As it was sunday, I played cricket with my friends till late evening. I was checking my mobile once in a while expecting Shreya's call. We all had dinner and still i didn't get a call from Shreya.
I slept off early in the night.

I got a call from some unknown number. It was already 11.00PM. I was even lazy to say hi, when i heard Shreya's voice," Hey Rahul, it's me Shreya.Sorry for troubling you."

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  1. Nice . Story pura karlo bhai. Waiting for your next post.:)

  2. Typical engg students lines ;)

    "Bro, what' wrong with you? Writing lab record n all."
    I said,"Just like that."
    Sid replied,"I'm not sure I still have it. But I'll search and get it for you."
    Next day Sid came with a lab record.
    He said, "Bro, I couldn't find mine. So I borrowed it from my friend."

    1. Yup,Anup..Typical engg student's lines..writing records was d funniest thing in engg academics..I just laugh remembering the things which used to happen during labs n while preparing(copying) lab records..

  3. Whom did u meet at freshers?? ;) Shreya or Som....?? :P :P

    1. Lo Anoop, it's just a story. In the story Rahul met Shreya at Fresher's party...

  4. Superb man :) Today I read all 3 episodes together. Interesting ;) I was getting picture on my mind as I was going through it :) Waiting to read the twists in this story. Do it soon :) Super like :)

    1. Thanks a lot,Uttam..Happy to hear these words from you..

    2. Waiting for the next one. Don't make ur readers wait so long :p