Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Journey to Remember !!

We were returning back from Hyderabad to Mumbai after a business trip. Aditi and I prefer bus-journeys, so we had reserved tickets for the evening bus.We reached the station pretty early and had dinner at a nearby restaurant. After a stomach-full of tasty food and a nice dessert we boarded the bus.

I said , "Hey! I will sit near the windows". 
No matter what, i always need a seat next to the window.
She replied , "Ayyoo.. So kiddish.You are unbelievable"
I giggled and asserted,"Yup..I'm unbelievable and I'm the best.Thank you"
She gave me a look and bellowed,"OMG!! That was so lame"
We both smiled at each other.
I occupied the window seat after placing all the luggage safely, that we had brought.

A water bottle,few packets of chips,biscuits and a bunch of songs in our gadgets, we were all set for a long journey.

Our 11-hour-long journey started at 8 o clock in the evening.

It was a tiring day with all the meetings and finally we won a deal against our rivals. After struggling so hard in an unknown city for 6 days in a row,we achieved the triumph in a style. It just added yet another feather to our wings and made the company proud. It was our first venture and we met the expectations of our big bosses.

Aditi got a call. 
"Thank you,sir", she said ,"feeling very happy."
"Yup.Rahul is with me" and she passed the phone whispering,"CJ sir",
"Hi,sir. We did it" I said.
Our boss was all praises for both of us.
I acknowledged,"Thanks again.It's just 'Beginner's luck' sir.  Will catch you on monday. Bye CJ"
 I returned her phone back. 

"I wasn't expecting this. CJssss called us. It's all because of you. Thanks",She said in a state of excitement.
I replied,"Oh come on. We both did it."
"Chalo...Whatever" She acknowledged with an innocent smile.

The bus slowly started moving. I plugged in my earphones to listen to some songs. The city looked fantastic through the windows. Flashy entrance of the malls,crowded road-side stalls,people waiting for the local buses,huge banners,lamp-posts,packed streets made me forget everything else. There was a cute girl talking to her mother in the seat next to us. I thought of showing that kid to Aditi,when i found that she had already traveled a few miles through her dreams.

Oh!! I forgot to introduce Aditi to you.Let me do it now. What shall i say about her?? I mean, it's really difficult to brief a specimen like Aditi. But still,let me give it a try.

Her name is Aditi. My best friend. Aditi and I, work for the same company from past 4 years. She is from Nagpur. Completed her schooling and college in the same city. Has done her B.E. from a college in Mumbai. To be very frank, i neither remember her college's name nor her stream in Engineering. She would surely kill me for forgetting all these things. As she says, "Friends should know everything about each other." Everything to her means - academics, height, weight and birthday. Aditi is an amazing person. She is an introvert,caring,girlish but doesn't like shopping and can do almost anything for her family and friends. You'll get to know a lot about her in the coming episodes.Pardon me if she doesn't act like what i have described here. It's not my mistake. This is what i know about her from past 4 years.

It was 11.45 in the night. The bus stopped near a road-side dhaba and the bus-conductor informed everyone,rather shouted, "30 minutes break!!".
 I asked her,"Do you want anything? I am going out."
She said,"Nothing."
I was on my way towards the dhaba when she shouted from the window, "Wait,I'm also coming"

We both sat on wooden chairs outside the dhaba.

The waiter came to us and asked,"Kya chahiye? coffee,tea,cool drinks,meals..??"
I said,"One coffee and.." and i looked at her.
She looked at the waiter and ordered,"Ek tea aur ek coffee"

There was silence for few seconds.

Again started a conversation when she said,"Don't you like tea? Actually tea tastes better than Coffee..Isn't it?"
Girls are very good at this. To speak anything out of nothing.
Then came an illogical reply from me,
"Coffee is manly. Tea tastes,and sounds,feminine. For me, Coffee is the best. I know you don't like it. But i can't help it"
She thought for a second,"Oh...bullshit. Chuck it. By the way, what have you thought about us?"
I replied ,"Whoa!! What?? Me and you!!"
She said in a firm tone,"Excuse me, I'm talking about me and Siddharth"

To be continued..... 

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