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A Journey to Remember : Episode 2

I'm back with the next episode of the story. To read the 1st episode Click Here

OMG!! I need to introduce you to one more person now. His name is Siddharth. People call him "Sid". We both graduated from the same college. He was my senior in the college. By the way, we studied in St.Xaviers College of Engineering,Goa.Our first meeting was on a hot summer day. I had just completed my 1st internals in 2nd semester and was celebrating with friends. Suddenly our BR (Branch-Representative) came to us and announced,
"Guys, we'll have inter-branch competitions from next week. We need good footballers and cricketers to represent our ECE branch. My friend, Siddharth will do the selections."

One of my friends told me,"Anyways they won't select freshers. They just want to rag us and have fun.I'm not coming with you,Rahul"

Few of us were excited to take part in the events. We ignored all the negative comments and took part in the selections. It was great fun. We played for sometime and got to know few of our seniors.Later in the day, surprisingly, they selected me as well. That's the first time i met Sid, in person.  
 Sid was the President of most talked about club in our college. He was an excellent sportsman and had fair score in his academics as well. He had made his mark in the institution. Most importantly, 'Girls went gaga over Sid'.

We all prepared very hard in the coming days.Our branch won in Football and reached semi-finals in Cricket. Then onwards, Sid and I went on to become friends. 

Our seniors had organized a fresher's party when we joined our department in 3rd Semester. It's nothing but a whole day of ragging and dancing. 
I was talking to my friends when Sid called me and asked me,"Go and propose that girl,who is wearing green t-shirt. Be quick"

I hesitantly replied,"Should I do that?".
I was very shy and had hardly spoken to a girl. 

Sid said,i mean he almost shouted,"Rahul, do what i say. Don't act smart.Take this rose with you."
He threw a rose at me.

A bunch of seniors were looking at me. I slowly made my way towards the girl. My hands were numb,I had started sweating and was totally clueless.

I went to her and said,"Hey,those seniors asked me to give this rose to you and propose."

She smiled at me and said,"Hey, it's fine. You can do that. Go on your knees if you want,i don't mind."
Ufff...I was awestruck.What an attitude!!
She made my task effortless, in fact she made it enjoyable.

I went back to Sid and said,"Done with the task.Shall i go??".
I was tensed about the next daring task they would assign.

Sid's friend ordered me,"Go sit next to that girl for the rest of the day.

I was very happy,deep inside and said,"OK,as you say."
They passed few comments and started screaming as i started walking towards her seat.
I again came back and stood in front of her.

She questioned me,"What did they say?"

I replied,"Seniors ordered me to sit with you. I'll take a seat here,please don't mind."

She said,"Why would I? Just chill. Hey,my name is Shreya." She pulled a chair for me.

"Hi,I am Rahul",I said and we both shook hands.

Well, the next few hours went off in a hurry. I even got a chance to dance with her in the DJ party in the evening.
I had the best time with the most beautiful and adorable girl of my class.   

After the party,Sid dropped me to the hostel and said,"Good night man. It was all for fun. Don't take it seriously."

"I took it seriously",I smiled at him and said to myself.

That was my second meeting with Sid and my first one with Shreya.

Sid and I attended many inter-college sports events, went for long drives, had late-night parties and what not.We both had a great bonding. Sid liked to watch Hollywood movies, particularly action films,sci-fi and 3D. He hated watching typical romantic movies. He was a die-hard fan of Metallica and used to hum those metal band's songs. Automobiles,sports and gizmos were his hot favorites. 
As Sid was from Goa, he was a day-scholar. He helped me to win in College elections and several other stuffs. I had been to his home several times. Even he had visited my hometown,Chennai.Our families know each other very well.

One day, we all had gathered for the new-year party at a restaurant. After the party, Sid took me to a nearby beach(Reminder!! We are in Goa). It was already 2 o clock in the night. The waves and chirping birds created a perfect background score for us. All of a sudden, Sid starting shouting, "Rahul, my bro. You are a nice guy.The best footballer,I've known. Thanks for everything, especially helping me to hook up with Shreya. I love her a lot. I can't live without her. We both are very happy,together. You made it all possible.
I needn't mention that he was totally drunk.

After all these stories on our inseparable-bonding and eternal-dosti,I have something worse to tell you. Actually, I haven't talked to him in months. I mean,we have stopped talking to each other. We didn't fight. We didn't exchange foul words. But we are branded as 'enemies' now.  

Before I continue this story,let me take a break. See you in the next post.

To be continued..... 
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  1. When will be the coming episode of this?..nice one ..Its getting interested...:D

    1. Thanks a lot, Jeevan. I'll post the next episode soon.

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