Thursday, November 18, 2010


BYE......One of the hardest thing to say.. You will never ever learn how to say a goodbye.And when it's for the last time it is a much tougher call...But still I have to.

Let me tell you about my first love.I know you are excited to read this article.We are always interested in love stories,others' lovestories in particular(That is the reason why romantic genre is still alive in movies and novels).I am totally entitled to whatever is written below.
Before i start telling my love story let me confess you that we aren't together now and we have broke-up, but still are very good friends and have great respect for each other.

We met in the busy streets of my town.It was around 5pm in the evening and i was roaming the city for no reason.I liked her the moment i saw her .Kind of love at first sight. Though i could not speak to her at that instant i had fallen for her.She was the most adorable girl i had ever seen in my life( i guess).After too many days i met her again and nothing happened at all.This continued for many days.One day i talked to her about how i felt for her.That was my first proposal ever in my life.And it was accepted(so strange).After few days I got her home. For the first time in the history of an orthodox family,she was solely accepted at home!(Though there were some minor comments about her.) She was with me since that day.

I remember those evening walks in the park. She made me feel so comfortable. She gave me the freedom to put my hands on her. And a new friendship started.Pleasure knew no bounds when I started running with her in the cold mornings. I grew fond of her, for her company.She was with me all through my busy class hours. I am more than thankful to her for accompanying me to the college,playground, and where ever i went. The journeys were less strenuous and less stressful because of her.Our friendship just grew leaps and bounds.Pleasant are those feelings when she played games with me,sung melodies just for me.She got me many friends and made me grow intense with those too. I still feel bad for those exam days on which i slightly avoided her. I knew that she is too good and would understand me correctly. Never did she express any unhappiness or disappointments. She was always happy for me.There is always a thought that being single is cool.But being committed to a person feels great.It's always nice to be loved by someone special.To share time with her was really superb.Each and every moment was enjoyable and memorable.I was addicted to her.Sometimes i was scolded by my parents and close relatives for being so intense with.Few even made serious remarks on me.But who cares!I was happy.Those were the most wonderful days of my life.Everything seemed beautiful and interesting and life took a new route.

She was the best companion in my life(omg!! i'm using 'was').

But life is never a smooth ride.Not everytime everything goes right...and you have to accept this fact.She started to bore me.I was not at all interested in her.Everything seemed to be 'as-usual'.The fact that many of closest ones made remarks on our relationship which was annoying.I never thought i would be fed up with her because she always amused me,made me happy (earlier),loved me and was the closest of all(i'm again using 'was').It was all monotonous and i was fed up of this relationship.She is not with me today.And today she has gone apart. It wasn't my mistake nor it was her's.Still i have to accept the fact that i should MOVE ON without her. That’s it. That was the end of my love story. I said bye to my dear Nokia 3110c cellphone. My cellphone,ex-girlfriend of mine, is not the dearest one to me now(i don't have any reason).I broke up with my cellphone.But i will never ever forget that she was my first love,in fact my first loved gadget.A big hug to you,my dear cellphone,for being my soulmate(though for a short period).I still love you.

The days were hard without her, but i have a a new companion now.. Every moment was tearing me apart.But i've to accept the fact that she is gone and wont come back...still we are good friends.I've to just rely on the everlasting words 'LIFE GOES ON''.....and i'm just happy that i've started seeing my brand new HP Pavilion laptop.I'm in love again.Hope this love for gadgets continues for a long time..(anyways at the end of the day,i'm an engineer)

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  1. u stil hav 2 nokia cellphones wit u rite??
    are u tryin on some others gal fren nw?? :P

  2. Dude ur such a jerk... :( y did u let her go coz she made u boring... u hav made sm sheke like u do... :)

  3. hihi :) cool :D you can fall in love so deeply with almost everything :P nice one... nicely written :)hope n wish ur love lasts forever :) :P :D

  4. hmmm. nice one pal. I was kinda of expecting the same end.

  5. @Mallikarjun-Thanx lo...nxt tym i'll get better with the ending part..

  6. @chandu & anup - no comments