Thursday, July 29, 2010

Its indeed an Unfair World,But ....

Kya Kare Zindagi Isko Hum Jo Mile
Iski Jaan Kha Gaye, Raat Din Ke Gile
Raat Din Gile…
Meri Aarzoo Kamini, Mere Khwab Bhi Kaminey
Ek Dil Se Dosti Thi, Yeh Huzoor Bhi Kaminey
Kya Kare Zindagi Isko Hum Jo Mile
Iski Jaan Kha Gaye, Raat Din Ke Gile…

I don't know why almighty introduced me to this world. I have never loved this place just because most of the things which configure this selfish globe are disgusting. Everyone is on a race,to make profit out of anything and everything they come across. Here creating terror,exploiting others,being false are the means of living life. Emotions,feelings,empathy,love and other humane feelings are now just a part of dictionaries or some novels.

I do wonder why people never have feelings for the others when i cry for a fictional character in a movie or novel. Mom's care, Papa's love,friend's company, relative's affection has nothing to do in this unreasonable world. I have experienced,few times,the fake love,profitable friendships,and ruthless relationships. Pure love has no worth in this damn world.

If mother is just a home-maker,father is a banker,friends are request-fulfillers life has no virtues at all. The ones we trust deceive us, loved ones ignore us and everything is unfair.Still the society gives grading based on the number of zeroes in your bank account.At the end of the day money is the real hero.We are all concerned only about making dollars. Money is everything. We multiply time with dollars but eventually have no time to laugh,share feelings,love and live life.

I know its an unfair world but you aren't. Make it a point to change,atleast a bit, not because you are the best but you are not unfair. Just listen to me...Love everybody,follow some ethics,make friends,forgive people,help others,chill,laugh,have a blast.Indeed live life to its maximum. After filling your safes with money help the needy.I still hope if you want this world to transform then set an example. Always be good,think good and do good.If we all join our hands we can make this world a better place to live in.After all life is all based on hope. Hope is a good thing,may be the best of things.And no good thing ever dies.
Let us believe in

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  1. nice one... agree with you totally though hard to think soo positively lik u :) keep it up :)