Tuesday, June 21, 2011

World's Cheapest Game !!!

Let me tell you about the world's cheapest game. No matter how many games are played in this universe, this one is the cheapest. You can take a guess if you wish. If you think its cricket….sorry your guess is wrong. If you think its gambling…no! It’s not just about the number of players who play it, or the apparatus required, or the venue, but the overall concept of the game. I was referring to the ultimate game of democratic nations ‘POLITICS’. No space for ethics, lawfulness, rules… it’s all about being false, unlawful, cunning and unfair.

{With due respect to the founders of democracy and very few honest politicians this world has ever seen, here goes my write up on Politics.}

I was in 8th standard. Our Hindi teacher had once asked us about our dreams and what we want to do in future. We all came up with ‘I will be an engineer’, ’I want to be a doctor’ and few ’Not yet decided’ answers. She gave a lecture after that which I still remember. “You all want to be engineers, doctors, scientists etc.. that’s  all fine. But what this country really needs today are social workers and honest politicians. Not that we don’t need others but the need of the hour is something very different than we think.”
Democracy is a form of government, a way of life, a goal or ideal, and a political philosophy. It is considered to be the most respected form of government as well as highly favored. The whole idea of democracy is to form a government of people’s choice. Virtually, everything is decided by the public opinion. Here, each and everything is by the people, for the people, and of the people.

US President Abraham Lincoln described such self-government as “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” I keep laughing at this definition whenever someone quotes it. Today POLITICS is considered to be the dirtiest aspect and politicians have no value at all. In fact the youth is afraid to join this morale-less domain. Most of the cartoons, tweets, jokes are based on illegal acts of politicians. Politics is the last resort of scoundrels. Someone has rightly said, “Power Corrupts”. False assurances, corruption, changing parties and all those negatives describe today's politics. But just think for a moment, worst politicians are never created on their own. We create these ruthless bodies. If they are wrong ,we are directly responsible for it. It’s not a fact that all politicians are bad, still good ones do exist. Sir Winston Churchill once said, “Democracy is the worst form of government.” Today India is suffering from the political crisis. Eligible candidates are not selected in most of the cases. Caste politics, money power, criminal influence etc are playing a vital role. I can name a list of scams worth thousands of crores by these politicians and parties. Many villages still don’t have basic facilities like roads, water, sanitation, medicine and few more. The rate of criminal activities are rising day by day. Bad government policies, senseless administration, and ethics-less politics is harming this nation in a dirty way.

We have reached a position where we have started accepting things; good or bad. Everybody in this world is upset over the growing trends in politics but no one is ready to rectify these. We watch news channels, read newspapers and debate. But no one is ready to take some steps to change things. It’s time for us to make a change. Let us start a revolution to change. First of all, let us believe that change is possible. If a single person decides to be right there will be an idiot less in this world. Let us make it a point to participate actively in the elections and choose best ones. Stop talking about all the negatives and start emphasizing on positives. That is actually the hard way – much much harder than fasts. Much less glamorous than tearing and burning bills. And it will take much longer than a few months of protests…and no amount of burning paper is likely to get any of us closer to that. To face  up to India’s myriad challenges – and let us face it, corruption is just one part of it, we need a new set of people in the government,who are really eligible. It will be a long haul. I don’t think there is any other way. But it can be done.  Let’s redefine POLITICS .

“Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”

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