Wednesday, April 1, 2015

From What We Get, We Can Make A Living; What We Give, However, Makes A LIFE !

It was unusual for clouds to celebrate in the month of December. May be, Bangaloreans' hankering for cool weather was heard by the skies. I was waiting for my bus at the Bus Stand as the rains changed the entire set-up. I got a cup of hot coffee and a packet of potato chips and sat on a bench. The look of evening rains and mouth-watering snacks gave me heavenly feeling. I searched for my earphones from the unevenly packed bag of mine and finally found it. I was unmangling the earphones to plug it into my cellphone and enjoy music. 

Two men interrupted me, "Is anyone coming here?"
"No, you can have a seat", I said as I removed my luggage from the bench. 
"The bus will come only after an hour or so. You better carry on", One guy said to the other.
"It's OK. Let me wait for some more time. Anyways, it's still drizzling and I have some work to complete in the mean time", replied the other.
He started writing something on pieces of drawing sheets. He was totally into his work as I kept sneaking.
I couldn't control my curiosity and asked him, " What are you writing?...... I mean, sorry, if I am bothering you"
He smiled and replied, "I am preparing a project. It's on Jnanapeetha award winners of Kannada Literature"
"Oh ! You've got long list of winners. Are you still studying?"
"No, not really. It's for my kid"
"You look too young to be a Father.Which grade?", I kept asking him questions.
"Ha ha ! I am still a bachelor."
"So, this is for your sibling's kid"
"Nope, it's for someone else"
"I mean, who's that?....If you are not interested to share that, it's OK.", I couldn't stop myself.
"Nothing! Leave it aside,what's your name? What do you do?"
"What's there in a name? Bro, don't be shy. He took some pictures and drawing sheets while coming. What's the matter?", His friend interrupted us.

" We all visit a Orphanage near our office every now and then. It has around 30 amazing kids. Today, we met them to give sweets on the occasion of Christmas Eve."
"Oh ! That's great", I said.
"I talked to one of the kids....his name is Akash and....", He paused.
"What did you guys speak?", I asked.
"Hey, what was that conversation all about?", His friend also wanted to know.

He narrated the incident,
Akash, what did you ask from Santa?
I don't think Santa will have time to listen to my wishes.
Why do you think so?
If he were to, he wouldn't have left us without our parents to take care of us.
Probably he didn't want to limit you to only your parent's love. Don't over-think. Now make a wish, let Santa hear you !
Hmmm... I want my Kannada project to be completed.
What's that all about?
I need to write an essay on Jnanapeetha award winners of Kannada Literature with their photos and all.
OK. You have made your wish. Let's see what happens.

"OMG! This is awesome. So you are here writing this on his behalf.", I felt so good.
"Cool, man. Proud of you !", His friend was glad.
"Shall I help you on this. I'll write a bit", I offered my help.
"The handwriting will change. Please paste these pictures if you would really like to help."
" Sure. My pleasure!"
" But, does this make any difference ?", His friend questioned.
"I am not sure. I'm doing my bit. It makes me feel good. May be, you should also try !", His friend replied as I pasted the cover photo of Mookajjiya Kanasugalu on a drawing sheet.

In spite of all the misery in the world, few special people have rolled up their sleeves to work for the best of our society. I appreciate their work from the bottom of my heart. 
Let us stop being ridiculously pessimistic and selfish. It's time for us to do something nice for the society. Let's get this started !

With compassion, this place would be a more happy place to live. 

PS : I hope, this post inspires at least a few of you to do something good for the society !

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