Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nandi Hills and 100 grams of Serenity !!

The Earth has Music for those who listen !

Time and again, when life gets monotonous and we are bored to death, nature stuns us with it's beauty and lightens our lives. If you want to be on top of clouds (literally), watch the most beautiful sunrise, breathe fresh air, feel good and experience the truest form of nature, go visit Nandi Hills. New Facebook/WhatsApp DPs and a travelogue are added advantages.

Visiting Nandi Hills was on our bucket list for a while. A plan was laid out on a fine Saturday evening. My friends filled the fuel tanks of 2 motorbikes from the nearest Petrol bunk while i was enjoying SaReGaMaPa Li'l Champs on Zee TV. One of the finest luxuries about weekends is to go to bed without having to set an alarm. Nandi hills plan made me set the alarm to 2 AM and sleep. Why 2 AM ? We had to leave our place by 3AM and it's always good to know that you have 60 more minutes of sleep left. Somehow, we were all set to make our way towards Nandi Hills by 3:30 AM.

The journey reminds me of streetlights,pale-yellow shades, lesser traffic (there's nothing called zero-traffic in this city), chilly atmosphere and mild-darkness. Morning breeze was having an affair with my body as I looked either ways with sheer excitement. Make sure you are covered well enough to beat this cold. Google maps and signboards guided us towards Nandi hills. We were accompanied by OLA cabs, KSRTC buses, nocturnal human beings and few so-called travel-enthusiasts. Throughout the journey we discussed the shit happening in each other's lives. We stopped our motorbikes near a bakery and had some coffee. All we needed was a hot cup of coffee (or may be two cups) to rescue us from the cold and add flavor to this journey. 

As we reached the view point, it was a heavenly bliss to watch the fog that covered all around us. It seemed like we were on top of clouds. The sun was sneaking from the horizon. Sunrise never looked this beautiful and enjoyable. Not to forget, we clicked dozens of pictures which included a few selfies/groupies.We saw tippu drop and the architecture to view the inception of enemies to the fort/hills. That stroll we took, made us feel so happy. Serenity is nature and some light-music. Nature never ceases to create more and more enjoyable moments in our life. But strangely we cease to experience nature in our I'm-really-busy life. We took a nap on the bed of rocks for a while.The sunlight acted as a fine bedsheet and provided us the much needed relief. Nature made us forget all the worries and provided us an acquaintance that would last forever.

While returning, we explored a different route of travel. As we drove through, several villages and lush-green fields greeted us. The smartphones were shouting "Battery-Low", fuel tanks had very less petrol left in them but we had all the confidence in villagers. We knew, they would help us out, if there were to be any problem. It was hot as hell as we reached the outskirts of Bangalore.

I was astonished looking at the contradiction of the world that we came from, a few minutes ago and the one we were about to enter. Disturbing noises, choking pollution and humongous urban life welcomed us. My watch showed 4:30PM when I reached my dis-organised room and I slept for the whole day.

PS: If you are planning to visit Nandi Hills make sure you cover yourself with the warmest clothing, have tank full of fuel, cellphone fully-charged (only for GPS), reach before 6AM, carry some food & water and don't forget to take your (or your friend's) camera. By the way, get your 100 grams of serenity for Free and you can thank me after the visit !

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