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What’s for You Won’t Pass You by

Before you start reading this, I just want to thank you for such inspiring comments,texts and mails for my last blog-post. It feels feels awesome! Here's a write-up which was written almost 1.5 years ago. So it is messy,boring and confusing, but certainly true from the heart. I just added few more things and i'm publishing this. And few parts are in Kannada and related to Hassan, so please bear with me.


Group Chat in Facebook:
Chandu: missing those happy moments..miss u guys..yella nenasukondre lifealli yeno miss madkontha idivi... nam kelsa aythu aste agthide... bere avr sukha dhuka yenu gothagthilla... miss u ppl..
May 1 at 11:57pm near Mumbai, Maharashtra
Harish GP: lyf daily change agtide lo..those wer d best tyms..
May 1 at 11:58pm near Electronic City Phase-2, Bangalore
Ravi Patilmj :  adhukke...nanig bejar aadhagella old FB posts odhta irthini.... 
May 1 at 11:59pm  near Hassan,Karnataka
Chandu VN : life istondu change agoythu jst one year astothige 
May 2 at 12:00am 
Madhusudan Kr : thu nenuskondre heavy bejar agutt kanrula... 
May 2 at 12:02am  near Whitefield,Bangalore
{4 friends discussing about their college life and how life has changed in a span of 1 year}

Three thousand three hundred seventy four……Three three seven four…3374

If there is one number that decides your destiny,it’s your KCET ranking. This number has surely played a vital role in deciding my journey of life. I was all high after getting my 12th results. I had scored 91%. It is a fair score in CBSE. When you wake up in the morning at 9.30am and rush to the nearest internet center and find your CET ranking as 3374, it’s not all that great. But I consoled myself that it was all fine. I checked my counselling dates and was all set to book my Engineering seat. Why Engineering? I don't have a clue. Seriously, I don't know.

Me, and my father were sitting midst a large crowd who were all busy talking about Engineering colleges and various streams. We had a list of 8 colleges with us with all of them in Bangalore and one from Hassan. I wanted Electronics & Communication stream because it was considered to be the safest at that time (I'm still unable to figure it out). My father had always insisted for a college outside Bangalore, but I was desperate to be in Bangalore. So as per my father’s priority MCE(Malnad College of Engineering),Hassan was number one and rest were all sorted out in the list. The counselling started.

I don't know why they call it counselling, even today. It's all about luck, confusion, destiny and what not. Parents and candidates talking about all the academic stuffs in this world- Colleges, Branches,Infrastructure, Placements etc. I had to wait till 3001 to 3373 ranks made their selections. There were only 3 empty seats  in MCE, Hassan. So if those three seats are booked I’ll be the happiest I thought. And most definitely my father wished the other way. Before it reached 3100,only 1 seat was left. It was all happening my way. They verified my documents and we were finally sitting in the selection hall. Only 1 seat left in MCE. After some time, I checked out and still there was 1 seat. 3250th rank took her seat and still MCE seat was unoccupied. “Dad,I’ll opt MCE E&C…..General category 1 seat is left” a guy sitting behind us told his father. My happiness knew no bounds hearing this. 3320th rank is done and still that seat is empty. I was still waiting for some miracle to happen with my fingers crossed. My dad was all serene as he knew he had achieved his feat, almost.

And finally 3374 was announced. We went to the desk.
MCE Hassan…E&C…college code 24…General..” I said as per my dad’s orders. My fate was sold.

“ Harish.G.P.     Malnad college of Engineering   E&C “ was displayed on large screen with a (disgusting) photo of mine.

Million dreams of mine were trashed with my selection and so were others waiting outside.

The guy who wanted that seat was behind me in the queue for paying the DD worth Rs.18,090. Admission copy was given. Few phone calls and too many messages made it more tragic. Later, after learning that it is a 50 year-old college of very good reputation, I was feeling better. I was all set to pack my bags and start my journey in a new city with a bundle of aspirations.
I had come to Hassan with too many dreams. Hassan was a big city in my dreams with  too many malls, hectic traffic, few cafeterias, good restaurants, hi-fi commercial streets, high population density, bunch of opportunities, loads of fun and much more than that. I had thought of exploring life in a vast city, first of its kind for me. I had few more dreams, which cannot be shared.

After coming to Hassan, my dreams were all shattered into pieces. The bus station was disgusting, the roads were horrible, not much a bigger city neither modern. First few days in college made me realize few other hard facts.

I don’t know how much eligible I am to write about this city. Few of my friends may even criticize me for this. But I do have some qualification to pen this. My mother hails from this district and I did my engineering here in this city, forcefully though. Most importantly my best friendships have happened here and the city has given my life a new meaning.

For people who travel via Hassan it is just another city with bloody worst roads. For people who read, watch or hear about Hassan it reminds you of a united, strong, violent place. But for us, who live and know about this place its ‘Heaven’. It is the best. Not much developed, no cafes, no malls, worst roads, highest number of liquor shops, violent records and much more….But this city has a charm that makes it so unique and special in its own terms. No matter how many times I curse this city I still love this place for too many reasons which I can’t explain. Probably my Father's decision was a
blessing in disaster.

As days passed, I started liking the city and college as well. I don't find it amusing to mention academic details and things about my college.So I'll stick to my private and non-academic stuffs. Memories are like DNA, everyone has their own unique bundle. I started enjoying each and every single moment over there. Today whatever I am, MCE and Hassan have played a vital part. As they say-
"What’s for You Won’t Pass You by!!"

Today,my friends stay at different places and regret all the things we didn't do. We talk about the best times we had.At times, i feel like going back to Hassan and re-live those 4 years again with my buddies. 

My saga at Hassan
to be continued...

PS1: Sometimes it's the bad choices, the biggest mistakes and the things you regret the most that turn around and give you the greatest happiness in life.
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  1. good work :) creative like this always

    1. Thanks Gandharva...will try to be as much creative as possible..

  2. lo while readin dis " last 5 varsha ange ondsari kanmunde rup anta bandoytu !!!" :'( :'( v all missin dose funniest class room tym ,enjoyable college fest (jamboori) tym,parkinlot evenin chit-chats,foot-bal tym,mass bunks,assgnt baritiddu(classli),quiz preprntion(basket bal grnd,SA block marad kelage!!),shivannan class,paddu class,nin room adda,chandu room adda.....really dese things r ever memorable n never forgettable!!!!!! ela nenuskondre sakath bejaar aguthe :( :( really v r missin those "GOLDEN DAYS" of our lyf !!!!

    1. I thought of writing all these stuffs in the next post..i'll certainly do that..but i'm happy that this write-up made you feel nostalgic..Thanks a lot..

  3. we all pass from the same phase very well described gp..........:)