Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In God's Own Country (Contd.)

02 March,2013 10:30 PM
We (Me,Ravi,Jagadeesh & Jayesh) were returning back to our residence after having meals. Black tarred road,deserted atmosphere, loudspeakers playing some wild songs, and 4 friends were enough to invoke the crazy side of us.  It was our time to act weird, dance awkwardly,shout insanely and live like we-don't-care. We all knew that there would be a drastic change in our lives just after leaving this place.

04 March,2013 9:45 PM
After having dinner,I was standing on the balcony of 7th floor of a huge building. I was surrounded by my friends and hundreds of memories. Looking at the street lights,huge buildings,dark skies and few other things, we all had few things to say - "I am gonna miss Trivandrum","Best times of our life","Just 16 days to go","I don't want this to end" and many more personal,private and purely sentimental dialogues.

Here goes my sequel to the previous post. Though i don't believe in sequels, but these days Christopher Nolan and few sitcom series have put me in a dilemma. Nevertheless, this post is a continuation of my encounters with people,places and perspectives in Trivandrum.Have a nice read.

Sorry,I forgot to say something. If you haven't read the previous post,please do that before you start reading this.

*Panipuri is a great Icebreaker.

There was a small rift between me and my friend(who happens to be my colleague) for a very silly reason.We had almost stopped talking with each other for a day(that's a pretty long time,i think). The next day i took my friend to a chat stall and we both had panipuri. After a few minutes of clarifications, finally we broke the silence.

There are three sides to every story -"Yours", "Mine" and "The Truth". So discuss,clarify and resolve the problem. Never run away from a problem.

*Few things never change

No matter how old you are, you cannot avoid doing few things.

 I still borrow the pen from my colleagues during the sessions.
I can't stop talking all the time,praising myself and cracking the poorest of all PJs.

*A Thing of Beauty is Joy Forever

After having breakfast, I usually have coffee with Uttam and Srinivas on the terrace taking a view of never ending blue skies,coconut trees,construction sites and a big poster inscribed 'TOUCH' on it. A copy of this picture will always remain in my mind (and heart,as well) forever.

For me, watching an Aeroplane flying in sky is still a fantasy. My accommodation is nearer to an airport. Every time i see a plane flying, My heart jumps with joy.

*Things are not as Simple as they look. So stop criticizing.

We made a short film as a part of our Corporate Talent hunt competition - Running reel. Throughout the making,i realized the fact that movies are not as simple as they appear on-screen. It takes a hell lot of effort and creativity to make a watchable film. Next time, before you criticize a movie give it a thought. Because it is not simple as it looks.

*We can talk all Life about Movies,Soaps,Novels,Songs,Politics and Philosophy. (Sorry,I can't mention few other things)

*Stop asking 'WHY ME?'

Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player, was dying of AIDS . He received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed: "Why does GOD have to select you for such a bad disease?"To this Arthur Ashe replied: World over 50,000,000 children start to play tennis,5,000,000 learn to play tennis,500,000 learn professional tennis,50,000 come to the circuit,5000 reach the grand slam,50 reach Wimbledon,4 to semi final,2 to the finals.When I was holding a cup, I never asked GOD "Why me?"And today in pain I should not be asking GOD "Why me?"

It's human tendency to ask 'why me?' when we are facing calamities in life. I have always asked this question when i was waiting for the joining letter. After coming over here I have never had this question,because everything is better than I've ever dreamt.
So,stop complaining and start Living life.

*Kindness Costs Nothing
We usually give our clothes to a laundry nearby. The lady,who maintains the laundry,always makes it a point to ask whether we had food or not. She always tries to communicate to us with few english words and gestures.

Most of the times,we forget the fact that 'small little things' can sometimes bring an ocean of joy to others. 
Do good,be good and spread the JOY

*Linguistics is Fun

When I was studying in 7th Std, I had argued with Mr.George,my English Lecturer, on why don't they have 'Fastly' in English when they have 'Slowly'. He had a smart answer,as always, "Harish, English is a Language of exceptions".

Every week we use a filler to the maximum extent possible and try to spoil english. If you are wondering what kind of fillers, the answer is - 'as-if','oh my god!','no wonder','this thing' etc

One of my friend,who is from Karnataka,is able to read Malayalam and memorize  few  dialogues.

Trying to explore English. Learning a new language,listening to an unknown language,trying to interpret it and experimenting on it is really exciting. 

*Even i'm fashionable.

As a part of Talent hunt, i participated in Fashion show and luckily we won the 1st prize.

*Buying a saree is one of the toughest tasks in this world.

I was at a mall(Pothys) to buy a saree for my mother to commemorate my first ever salary. It took me almost more than 90 minutes to buy a saree. But the worst part is I wasn't totally convinced with my selection.
Finally,i realized the fact why ladies take so long while shopping.

*Together WE can make a DIFFERENCE

*Never Kill a Child inside you.

No matter how talkative,weird and outspoken i am,I have always put certain limits to myself. After coming to this place I have redefined myself(i guess). I have given it a sincere try to kill an introvert in me. Too much of introspection and thinking is injurious to health. I am trying to break all the barriers that stops me from doing things(stupid things which makes me happy).

*Change is inevitable and LIFE GOES ON.

*Movies can be seriously fun with friends.

Wild Dancing after the screening of ABCD at Anjali theatre.

*Life is the dancer and you are the dance.And Dance is a Silent Poetry.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. After coming to this place I've found huge joy in dance. A sense of peace,completeness and what not. 

Our team is unofficially an insane dance group. We have a signature step as well.And the name of our team is 'ONCE MORE'.

*Life is a Paradox

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need. Ever struggled to find something, only to find it after you have given up? Life is a paradox!!!

Life, once in a while,asks you "Whether you want happy memories with a sad ending or no memories with  happy ending". This time,as always,I chose the first one.

We,as a gang, are all bonded so much that the departure might rip apart all of us. Still i'll (try to) smile that it all happened than cry because it's over. 



Few Things are Better left Unsaid......

P.S :

Dedicated to T170(My team at ILP,TCS)

Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
 Just in what they are.

Thanks for being the people you are and thanks for making me feel very special. Thank you for the everlasting wonderful memories.

Stay in Touch.

Drop your comments and let me know how you felt after reading this stuff - Harish G P


  1. very gud harish. The view from 7th floor of the building is realy beautiful. I will also try to smile than crying when we leave from here.

    1. @Vineetha(Anonymous) Thanks..ya tat's a great view..even i'll try to smile on March 20th..

  2. haaaa....didnt realize dat it ended...:)..i dont hv words 4 dis lucky 2 hv shared these moments wid u...keep writing...n dun 4get ur fan...

    1. Thanks Shikha..i'm not gonna forget u..will try to write as much as possible..

  3. you summed up all the memories very nicely and ur words 'Mindblowing'
    vl miss T170..

    1. Thanks Aakanksha..v'll miss all d fun..T170 is d best

  4. i wont miss u harish
    e1 u wont miss me.

  5. awsum harish very nicely u hav described all memories in few words.........:) will miss dis batch....:(

  6. yet cudnt find me out