Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lessons Learnt in MCE,Hassan

Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean,
Tears from the depth of some divine despair,
Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes,
In looking on the happy Autumn-fields,
And thinking of the days that are no more. {Alfred Lord Tennyson}
I have finally completed my 4 years of engineering at MCE, Hassan. Here is a list of few of many things learnt in MCE & Hassan. You can call it funny, satirical, ’overacting’,unnecessary…. but it is my way of looking at things.

You will be nearer to heaven through football than through the study of Gita. {Football at 4.30 with chandu, Kishan, KP, KC, Jagga, Deepak, SK}

*Taking advantage of junior lecturers is not a crime. It’s just a way of helping them to become the best of all teachers. {3rd Semester}

*Any movie can be fun watching with friends. The language, genre, theater and place doesn't matter.{Movies at my room, Chandu’s room & various theaters in Hassan }

*The most important book and the one which is read maximum number of times in any semester is the ‘Syllabus copy’.

*The so called ‘Bike Trips’ are nothing but virtual photo shoots. {Munjrabad, Sakleshpur,Ramdevrakatte trips}

*Playing games in bare foot can be seriously dangerous,especially football. {Incident at MCF grounds which led to 7stitches…Thanks for all the care taken-Chandu, KP}

*In an Autonomous system, the difficulty of a subject depends on the teacher who handles it.

*The most enjoyable part of any trip is its travel. {Madikere and Kerala trips}

*Laptops and Desktop computers are strictly meant to play games, watch movies and listen to songs.

*Hassan is not a city…it’s just a big village. {Courtesy: KC}

*Nothing is permanent. {Love for the gadgets, celebrity, song, movie….Transition from orkut to Facebook and…}

*Women are unfit to rule because leadership doesn’t always rely only on Honesty. {Elaboration is unnecessary. And sorry for the generalisation}

*You feel the warmth of your juniors and seniors for 2 days in a year.{Fresher’s party and farewell}

*Even kannada language can be offensive, vulgar and cheap. {Slangs used in Hassan. Beep…beep…beep}

*We are all sore losers- cannot handle few losses.{BR elections}

*For every summit you scale another one is waiting.{ A never ending series of internals, quizzes, assignments, externals..}

*No one is in charge of you happiness, except you and your batch mates.{Mass bunks, proxies, trips can be seriously fun. Arranging them is all left to you}

*When you don’t know anything about a tree, tie a cow and explain about the cow. But make sure that you write correctly about the cow. {Attempting unknown questions}

*The ultimate ingredient of a student’s life is his/her ‘Attendance’.{Marks and Zerox shops are also important}

*Theory of relativity. Time flies faster than light when you are with your friends. {Parking lot, my room, Chandu’s room, ground, evening walks….}

*Never leave any stone unturned.{ Grace marks can be awarded at any point of time for the out-of-syllabus questions. SEE-DSP,DSPA  CIE-Maths}

*Speed thrills, but kills.{Sept. 1st at M.G.Road with KP}

*Anybody can be an engineering lecturer. The only requirement is a degree/s. {Names not required}

*At times the most useless, hopeless things can come handy. {Smart cards-Reduction of entry fee at Wonderla}

*You will never enjoy a party (to its core) if you are hosting it. But the satisfaction of organizing is something else. {Fresher’s & Farewell parties}

*The only thing learnt in engineering is what you do in labs. {But the scariest exams are lab exams.  @ Deepak,Chethu}

*Parties can be organized with any budget. But the real enjoyment depends on the people involved in it. {Street side chats, Gokul, Pavithra, Arun, Sahana ,Suvarna Gate, Southern star,Meridian,RIP,Cake cafe…}

*Other’s Parents are always nicer than ours and our Grandparents are always nicer than other’s.{Too many instances to quote}

*No matter how much we criticize clubs we all envy the club members at some point. {Club events, Jamboree, Impulse, Break time..}

*Believe in miracles. {Examination Results, my selection at Onmobile Global Ltd.}

*Engineering is the easiest degree to acquire. A few hours of preparation before an exam can make you clear it in a clean fashion. {In comparison to medical students}

*You can actually use ‘AN’ & ‘ITSELF’ any number of times. {Names not needed}

*The city is not defined by the busy roads, number of malls, Cafeterias, Restaurants etc {Hassan is uniquely special }

*Solitude creates heaven and sometimes hell also. {My lonely stay as a PG}

*You will pass by atleast 1 MCEian in a theatre, restaurant or a busy street in Hassan. {If you don’t agree with me, probably you are not in Hassan}

*Grades doesn’t define a person, Attitude does.

*No matter how early you start, you can’t avoid minute mistakes and last minute preparations. {Prashanth, Jayesh, Tep- Final year Project}

*Even holidays can be boring. {2.5 months vacation after even semesters}

*You can actually love gadgets, computer games, literature,celebrities, movies, songs, automobiles more than your life. {Few things are missing in the list}

*No matter what all disparities we have regarding EC1 & EC2, Hostelites & Localites we are all ECians at the end of the day.

*Life without friends is Nothing. { Jayesh, Anup,Chandu,Kishan,KP,KC,Jagga,Tep,Praphul,Pradeeps,Bhuti,Mayur,Nonda,Akram,Gwata,Boyy,SK,Prashu,Kushal,Patil,Manu,Prathap,MJ,Chethu,Pampu,Faruk,Jeer,Raza,Chandru,Rajpal, and few more as well}

*The Only Paradise is ‘Paradise Lost’. {It’s almost the end of 4 years and I have started loving the city, MCE, Friends and the college life…}

PS: Dedicated to all my batch mates. Thanks everyone for such a wonderful journey.

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  1. Interesting Harish. Very witty & experential, I could visualise all the fun you had in MCE, Hassan with your great mates.

  2. @Raj Mudaliar:Thanks a lot sir.I wonder how could you find time to read my blog in spite of your busy schedule.But your words and your blog have surely inspired me to write.

  3. neat :) very nicely put up harish..:)

  4. Thanx nikila...glad u liked it..

  5. Thanx lo Madhu(Gwata). Best moments of our lyf..

  6. Reading it after 9 months parting from MCE :) feels refreshing :)
    nice one Harish :) :)

    1. Thanks ashwini..i feel nostalgic reading this stuff now..