Monday, May 7, 2012


All the characters ,incidents & places mentioned in this blog are not fictitious .Resemblance to any person,place or incident is purely intentional.This blog is owned by me and all the ideas expressed here are a pure exhibition of my thoughts. Whatever is written here is just what I feel.

 I really don’t have any reason to write a blog( who wants one!!).But I’ve ended up with my own articles.It’s been more than a year I’ve been blogging.But I have never published my blogposts for not-so-obvious reasons.Still few of my friends have managed to read my blog.I’ve crossed all the hurdles now.And here I am making my blog ‘public’.Seriously I’m not a good writer or may be nowhere nearer(but who cares!!).I’m not responsible if I bore you to death or disappoint you.But if you feel good after reading this stuff , then I am happy to take the full credit.If any of my articles match with anything you've read before it's just a coincidence. But if you aren't ready to accept the fact then you can consider it as an inspiration.

Here is a big thanks to my loneliness which made me realize my yet-another-passion…..LITERATURE. And I’ve started believing in what my cousin says,"Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing.... Words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless....!"

I guess this is enough to start with. Please let me know how you feel about my writing, ideas and all the nonsense.It would be a great privelege and honour.

Happy Reading,