Friday, January 9, 2015

Black and White - Episode 3

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I was shocked; I mean, I was pleasantly surprised to see this invite from him. I took some time to decide and then sent a message, "Sure. Let's hv dinner 2gthr"

Though I agreed to join Adithya for dinner, a lot of thoughts kept on troubling me. A feeling of unease came over me. I didn't want him to assume this as a date or something like that. Probably I wasn't prepared enough for this.

Next day I felt it was all fine to go out with him. My mind said, "Come on, it's just a dinner ! ". But it was during lunch I called Madhu and requested her to join me. She was more than happy to join us.

Later I messaged Adithya, "Madhu wl join us for Dinner. No prob, right?"
I got an instant reply, "K"

Madhu was working on a painting and had stayed back at her apartment. After finishing my work at office I drove my moped to her place. We both dressed up and made our way towards the Restaurant. Madhu wanted to drive the vehicle and I was all busy explaining my day at office to her. Both of us were not aware of the Restaurant so we had to call Adithya.

"As you told, we reached Green Valley Road now. So where is that restaurant?", I explained.

"Where are you, exactly?", He asked.

"Green Valley Road...In front of KFC", I answered.

"Wait..I'll be there in 5 minutes"
Adithya was there in no time. He was on a stylish 2 wheeler: I don't know the model and brand. But he knew how to carry himself elegantly.

"Hi! Just follow me. It's just 2 Kilometres from here"
It took us 15 minutes amidst the traffic to reach that place.

"Let's park our vehicles there", He pointed at a huge parking slot where so many vehicles had been flooded with.

"So which is the restaurant we are going to?", Madhu asked looking at a road filled with too many shops.

"BY THE WAY", he replied.

"What?!", Me and Madhu exclaimed.

"That is the name of the restaurant. BY THE WAY. They serve delicious Rajasthani food."

"Have you come to this place earlier?",Madhu asked him.

"No. This is my first time. Actually, a friend of mine suggested this place"

A big LED board display "BY THE WAY, We serve you the best Rajasthani food" welcomed us.

The place was serene and looked hi-fi. DJ was playing some music for a hall filled with around 30 people. We occupied the seats and kept waiting for a waiter.
"They are playing some mindless english songs. I don't get the lyrics and the music is not that great", Madhu said.
I am fine with any music: Not that I didn't have a choice but I like all types of music irrespective of language and genre.
"I too don't like these english songs. I can't get the lyrics, you know.",Adithya had the same opinion.

Adithya went up to the DJ, had a talk and joined us, again.
A waiter stood in front of us to take our order. We all helped each other and took Waiter's advice to choose some delicacies.
We started discussing on random topics when a hindi song started playing "Lag jaa gale ki phir....Ye hasin raat ho na ho"
"This is one of my favorite song! , Madhu shouted.

"So did you request the DJ to play hindi songs?", I enquired Adithya.

"Yup. But he had only english songs in his computer. So I gave my cellphone to him: it has some good songs in it", He said.
I was impressed !

Costly restaurants are preferred more to it's ambiance, privacy and luxury rather than the food it serves. But food was very delicious and it was great talking to Adithya and Madhu. Yummy food, Bollywood melodies and some great company made my day. I had a terrific time. The clock was ticking 11 in the night when I reached my place after dropping Madhu. I switched on my laptop and clicked on Facebook bookmark to view Adithya's profile on Facebook. Unfortunately, the internet was not working and I had no time to resolve wifi router's issue. I slept off.

Next day, I had to reach office early for a meeting. I left my home a bit earlier than my usual time and reached office to the news that the meeting had been postponed. I took my laptop and went to the cafeteria. Sipping a hot cup of coffee I opened Facebook. I had a notification: "Adithya Sharma's friend request is pending". I accepted the request and went through his profile. They say, Facebook profile doesn’t reflect a person who you are but whom you wish to be. Must say, his profile was quite interesting.

To be continued....

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  1. By d way...y u got d feeling as he shouldn't think as a date... :-D :-D
    Don't u think its gives a different meaning der... :-p :-p :-D :-D

    1. Few things can never be explained in words !

  2. Brilliant one anna,
    You have inspired me to start blogging......

  3. Badly waiting for the upcoming one.....