Thursday, December 18, 2014

Black and White !

It was a fine Sunday evening. Let me think again.....Hmmm…Fine Sunday evening??? Not really. It was one of those terrible Sunday evenings that you curse your job, dream about your passion, feel homesick and miss your parents. Monster Monday had opened its claws and was inviting me for a dreadful week ahead.
I switched on the television to come out of this awful feeling. There wasn't much happening. All the channels were repeat telecasting one or the other awards show, a classic movie, songs with mindless lyrics from the latest albums and News-channels were too busy showing the wardrobe malfunction of an actress whose first film was yet to go on floors. 

My friend WhatsApped me,  "Hey Sarah, Whatsup??"
This was my opportunity to kill some time.
I replied, "Nothin much, Madhu. U tell me"
After a delay of 15minutes she sent a new message ,"was goin out for chats. U wanna join me??"
I agreed and sent a "Thumbs up" emoticon to her. 
A ladies meet-up was fixed in no time just because I was in no mood to argue or discuss.

We planned to meet up at Bluebird Café around 5:30 PM and managed to show up only by 6:20 PM. It wasn't much crowded, inside. This Café offered much needed serenity and my friend was a treat to talk to. We ordered a Hazelnut Cappucino with Chilly Cheese Toastizza and Macchiato with Double Cheese Veg Wrap. Don't worry about being so ignorant about what we ordered - These are just 2 cups of coffee with some bread, each of them costly, and sounded hi-fi. 

"I came here to attend a painting exhibition at Artist's Guild. It's right behind this Café . Just a walk of 5 minutes. Are you joining me?"

"Hmmm. I’ll join you. When does it start? ", I concurred.

I am not an ardent fan of paintings but going back to room wasn't a great option.

"It's 7:50 now. Exhibition starts around 8"

The Café bill doesn't look strange to me, these days. I know, we are not only paying for the 2 cups of coffee and chats that we had but also for the pleasure of leisure, privacy, luxury and serenity. Though it didn't make sense for the first few visits but now I'm acquainted. I know, I am sharing the cost of electricity, rent, comfortable couches, luxurious interior design and salary slips of the employees over there. 
 After swiping my friend's card, we headed towards the venue.

The hall was beautifully decorated and looked so lively with too many paintings. The theme of the exhibition was "Black and White". For someone like me, who is an illiterate when it comes to paintings, this was a refreshing experience.

We stood in-front of a painting which depicted a young beautiful woman's face.
"This is mesmerizing.  Such an amazing piece of work", I said.

"I think, the outline is a bit too dark", She disagreed with me.

"Shit! You are just jealous of his work. The painting is aesthetic!"

"Oh! Come on. I am a huge fan of Mr. Sharma. But this painting is not that great"

We looked at different paintings in the hall. Madhu was passionate about painting and spent a lot of time watching every single art-work with a lot of interest and passion while I kept hopping from one painting to the other.

"What is this?? Two slashes and they call it art" I said to myself, looking at a painting and smirked.
The Person standing next to me overheard what I said and replied, "What's so funny about it?"
"I mean, look at it. There's nothing substantial. Even I could do that"
"May be, you aren't able to understand the painting"
"May be, the painter thinks himself as a genius. By the way, he isn't"
"May be, he really is"
"Let’s stop arguing over some unknown artist and this unwanted painting"
"He is not a stranger and this painting surely is dear to me. I'm Adithya....Adithya Sharma and I painted this", He smiled at me.
I had nothing to reply but smile at him, bluntly.

To be continued...

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