Friday, March 14, 2014

A Journey To Remember - Episode 11

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Life is Tough

Days were tough. Nights were horrible. I had to live through the tough times of my life. Before I could digest this incident, our final exams started. I was totally messed up. I was lost in an unknown world. Every single thing in life looked unfair,uninteresting and uncertain.I was unable to do well in the exams.We had a long break of 5 days before our last exam. I couldn't go through that phase. I was unable to control my emotions.It was a dreadful night.Twinkling stars were making way for the sun but I couldn't close my eyes. I took my laptop and sent a mail to Shreya. 

Hi Shreya,
I hope you are doing fine. I know, you are avoiding me and probably be totally pissed off from what I did that day. Let me tell you something, there are few things in life that are out of our control. I feel terrible for acting like a friend with you inspite of having other intentions.

I feel suffocated, at times. I think, one of the prime reasons to live my life has been lost. Every time I make a sincere effort to get away from you, actually I am moving closer to you. I know, this will create more troubles to both of us but I can't help. 

I wish, you had some time for me. It's totally unfair of you to ignore me. How on this earth, can you deliberately avoid me? I guess, you should be the one comforting me and consoling me. But you left me all alone in this sorrow. You made it terrible for me. 

I want to tell a hell lot of things to you, unfortunately you don't have time, patience and concern to listen to me.Hope to meet you soon.

PS: I have a gut feeling that one day you'll be mine and I'll be waiting for you!

I was stupid. I was desperate. I was weird. I was lost. I was in pain.
In short, I was in LOVE!

Somehow, I completed my final exam and it was time to say Good Bye,Goa! I thought of completing all the formalities in the college for the next 2 days and bid adieu. It was getting very tough to deal with memories.We had a small party in our hostel that night. Few of the junior guys had exams,few had already left for their hometowns and most of the Final year guys were busy with packing and other things. So it was a brief and an emotional party.I came back to my room to pack things. I had the old bus tickets,restaurant bills, theatre tickets, photocopies and gifts (mostly from Shreya) and few slam books piled infront of me. I used to write a diary as well. Every single page and every single thing had a story to tell. Memories are such awful things which can give you utmost pleasure and even terrible pain.

I just went through few pages of my diary and opened my laptop to look at the old photos and videos. The wallclock in my room showed 3:00AM (actually it was kept 90 minutes fast to avoid blunders at college). I felt so lonely and was in vain.
 My cellphone started ringing, and it was Shreya!
"I saw your mail now. Oh my god! You are such an idiot! You could have called me and talked to me. Well, chuck that. I want to spend a day with you. So you free for today?"

I took a deep breath and said," Yup. I'll be leaving to my hometown tomorrow evening. I'm totally free for today."

Shreya replied, "Cool. Get some sleep and catch me up by 9 in the morning"

"Perfect. But, are you sure?",I was thrilled as well as confused.

"Well...I dont know.. see you soon",She hung up the phone.

I went to my friend's room and got his bike keys. I spent rest of the night browsing, "First date" "Romantic spots" "Lounges & Restaurants in goa" "A day with girlfriend" and a lot many. 

I wanted to make every single moment count.

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